Anyone know any ex-truthers?

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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by napoleon »

the gif you posted with with the circle ,what do you make of the suited man raising his arm as if signalling ? to someone ,just wondering if he was part of the troupe
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

There is always more to wring out of this stuff. It's like the police officer, straight away it hit me that looks more like a woman, then I spot something else and that thought is lost. I did wonder about that hand, whether it was a signal. It doesn't seem related other than in time, but it did force me to look back at the first clip to see if I could spot the people to get an idea where the cameraman is located, and I've come to the conclusion, it's two different events.

It's interesting, when looking at the Polish plane crash, I read a claim that there were two different versions of the same clip by Andrei Mendierej. What I do know, the original video, uploaded to youtube apparently by Andrei Mendierej before he was stabbed in the street then killed in hospital (kind of like that scene with the Joker?) was taken down with no Wayback archive; though all subsequent versions seem safe as far as youtube is concerned. What I did notice with that, there is talk of a person in red, then that is dropped from the narrative, and there is a version where the person in red is apparent, and there is a version where he's not. But it might just be the degradation of encoding an already compressed video back to youtube why he seems to disappear.

Anyway, here is the two clips of the action, the officer doesn't do the same thing and the people around them are not the same. The first one we see two dogs, the second, I can only spot the black dog.

it-grab1.gif (12.34 MiB) Viewed 828 times
it-grab2.gif (6.27 MiB) Viewed 828 times

This is the crop in I posted earlier from the second video. Clearly the way those legs are bent, a woman.


And here's a couple of crop-ins from the first video. Firstly, I was thinking the baggy padded out top and trousers with hands in the pockets and wide stance was very similar if you've watched a police dog demonstration where they take down the baddy. But equally, if it's a woman in a man-mask, baggy clothes, a wide stance, and hiding the hands also make perfect sense.


It looks like the officer touches Tomlinson's leg with the truncheon before striking him; this is not seen in the second video. It might be a signal to expect a blow...then he does his pretend fall? The police officer to the left of him is also a woman, so it suggests smaller people in front to trick the camera; Tomlinson, though not apparent from this video, may well have been played by a woman throughout.


Again, the way the legs bend and a short upper body, it's a woman.


I've got something to say about the man with his arm in the air, but I think I'll continue this in the next post, because it looks like a can of worms worth opening.
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

Video again for reference; the original, which has the longer version of the officers walking in, dated 8 April 2009. And the second video, nearly two years after the event and in relation to the inquest, dated 29 March 2011.



Not easy to show this, but I've timestamped the second video at 2:38, the scene before ends on a still frame, and certain elements carry through the fade and become elements on the next scene, particularly the people who make up the group with the guy who puts his hand up. And look how the officer's head matches a pattern in the brick that looks like an eye. Therefore the editing of the scene is much more considered than is first apparent when looking at it, and suggests a composite.

fade-in.gif (3.9 MiB) Viewed 796 times

Also, the guy who puts his hand in the air is part of a group that don't really fit with the other people around about. Not only that, the way the front crowd breaks to show the officer swinging his truncheon, they are likely not really there in the raw footage anyway.

crowd.gif (3.05 MiB) Viewed 796 times

Like me trying to show this now, a filmmaker has all sorts of options when presenting information; so why use circles with a dimmed background rather than cropping in to the relevant area? I'm guessing because the foreground is an integral part of the narrative, one we should take in without question, yet detail is to be blurred. Maybe the point of the NASA videos is to do the same exact thing in a purposely piss-poor style to give the game away about what "news media" do every day of the week.

iss.gif (4.71 MiB) Viewed 796 times

Look how the circles match the location of the people in that group, they've definitely been added to the scene post production. Are they distracting elements, the point to subconsciously bring us to focus on the hand? A false reaction? It reminds me of what the film Looker (1981) with the eye tracker and product placement was suggesting.

First, the scene fades in with a circle on the guy in the camel coat. Then the circle that picks out the officer also picks out a guy in a dress suit...

circle 1.png
circle 2.png

...They proceed to move together into a group, and another guy in the same group starts raising his hand just above the officer's head in the circle, he continues to raise his hand as the strike takes place, ending with his hand held high centred in the circle. I wonder what the psychology is behind that?

circle 3.png
circle 4.png

Here's the Looker trailer, director Michael Crichton for anyone who hasn't seen the references in The power of AI and screens thread, and a discussion about the then future technology.


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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

Returning back to the Telegraph article which I was part way through analysing before I took a diversion into Charlie Veitch's Ian Tomlinson witness statement interview. He was talking about being made redundant weeks after his appearance on the BBC, then using his redundancy money to buy a camera and megaphone, then forming 'Love Police'. He says he was "invited to festivals around the world", yet no mention of Danny Shine, even though Love Police was a double act; and that's not my assertion...


Continuing where I left off... ... -mind.html
Then, there were the women. “I could have anyone. And there’s a lot of cute activist girls in Holland and Denmark.” Thrillingly, he was courted by his heroes, Jones and David Icke, the former television sports presenter who believes humanity is being controlled by alien lizards.

“It was like being a struggling actor and Tom Cruise phones you,” he says. Jones invited him on to his internet show Prison Planet and praised his “great work”. Veitch interviewed Icke outside parliament just after the 2010 general election, and in return was sent a birthday present of a T-shirt and a book, signed, “To Charles, a great man doing great things. Love David”. Veitch was now a well-known figure in the conspiracy community. But, while some believers could be dismissed as harmless crackpots, there was a malevolent undercurrent to many of the theories.

In essence, the modern conspiracy narrative is the same as the one that has existed since at least the 19th century: that the few (often termed the “Illuminati”) control the many. This, of course, is the nucleus of the dangerous anti-Jewish myth. When he was an insider, did he experience anti-Semitism? His eyes open wide: “Loads. Loads. I was once accused of being a Jew because of my olive skin and my nose. They said, ‘We can’t trust him’.” And when they say the ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Reptiles’, do they actually mean Jews? “It’s slightly complicated but, mostly, yes,” he says.

Charlie Veitch in the BBC documentary Conspiracy Road Trip

The turning point came when Veitch accepted an invitation to appear in a BBC documentary, Conspiracy Road Trip, made to mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Veitch was accompanied by four people, all of whom believed the many conspiracies surrounding the attack. Veitch was convinced that the Twin Towers had been brought down in a controlled explosion by the government, in cahoots with Mossad.

Okay, so Charlie mentions struggling actor. Question, if you weren't in the business, is it likely that metaphor would spring to mind? I think he's telling us a truism and it is therefore reasonable to equate David Icke to Tom Cruise. Charlie has been broadcast on the BBC, I'm guessing on both the News Channel and BBC1 on both flagship evening news slots at 6 PM and 10 PM. David Icke was also BBC, and up until relatively recent history was invited back to appear on political programmes.

21 May 2016
David Icke is asked about conspiracy theories around 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. The former footballer and TV presenter spoke to Andrew Neil, Liz Kendall and Michael Portillo about theories. He said "much of it is backed up by hard factual information" when he looked at George Osborne and David Cameron on the EU, and what really happened over Tony Blair and the UK government's actions over the Gulf War.

I think David Icke is there so the BBC doesn't libel or slander real people. This is why I'm so convinced of people like Jeremy Hardy and Jeremy Hunt being the same person. Hardy was always slandering Hunt. To me, it's just a different type of ventriloquism.

The Ventriloquist.gif
The Ventriloquist.gif (520.1 KiB) Viewed 785 times

In an attempt to change his mind, the documentary crew took Veitch to meet experts including the chief air traffic controller on the day, demolition specialists and architects. At the start, Veitch was defiant. He showed a video, on a laptop, of the buildings collapsing, saying, “That’s a controlled demolition if ever I saw one.”

He publicly berated the film’s presenter, Andrew Maxwell: “You weren’t there, man. You just have this obedient psychology.” But the more experts he met, the more troubled Veitch became. Finally, when it was shown to him that the towers didn’t, in fact, collapse in a manner consistent with a controlled explosion, and how preposterous his notion was that teams of secret operatives had somehow planted thousands of high explosives in the buildings, he admitted defeat.

“This is hard, you know, because I’ve hung on to these ideas for years now,” he told Maxwell. “I’ve always hung out with people who say, ‘Yeah, conspiracy! 9/11 demolition!’ But now I’ve spoken to a guy who’s explained it. And it makes sense.”

Back in his hotel room, he phoned his girlfriend. “I don’t think 9/11 was an inside job,” confessed Veitch. For a moment, there was silence. “You’re probably just tired,” she said. But by the third day of filming Veitch was so excited by what he’d learnt he decided to post his thoughts on his YouTube channel. And that was when all hell broke loose.

“It was relentless,” he says. “A guy in Manchester set up a YouTube channel called ‘Kill Charlie Veitch’. It said, ‘Charlie, I hope you know I’m going to come and kill you. Enjoy your last few days. Goodbye.’ So many hate videos were posted – my face superimposed on a pig and someone’s killing the pig.” Another message featured images of his sister’s young children incorporated within a video of child pornography.

David Icke posted a message saying that Veitch would come to “deeply regret what he has done”, and emailed saying, “Don’t write to me. I don’t know you, mate.” Alex Jones posted a film in which he claimed he’d known “all along”, and that Veitch had “psychopath, sociopath eyes”. His mother called, devastated, believing the paedophilia “confession” which she’d been emailed, along with 15,000 others, was real.

All of which has damaged him. “I don’t have the same love for people as I did,” he says. “I’ve become a misanthrope and I’ve become very cynical. I hope it goes away.” Looking back, he describes the conspiracy community as an “evil-worshipping paranoia. As someone who’s been deep in it, and seen the hatred and the insanity, I think big terrorist attacks will come from conspiracy theorists.” He can envisage an assassination or a bombing carried out by a conspiracy believer who has lost all contact with reality.

Conspiracy theorists, he says, are often “bullied people. People who maybe didn’t get the girls at school… So they see a lot of rugger bugger types and they’re against anything to do with them. They will side with the devil, as long as the devil is against the West.” It’s impossible to avoid the observation that the person he describes resembles his own schoolboy self. And if his conflation of “rugger buggers” and “the West” is telling, so is his current ideological position.

“I’ve gone full circle in my Right-wing thinking,” he says. “There’s a professional victimhood in conspiracy theorists. There’s a hatred of high achievers.” Veitch is now hoping to set up a film production company and to carve out a new career as a documentary maker. As for his own involvement in the conspiracy movement, Veitch has a simpler theory. When asked what it was in his psychology that made him susceptible, he answers emphatically.

“Ego,” he says. “Ego made me vulnerable.”

An appeal to the experts there. I find the quote "I’ve become very cynical." highly amusing; so Charlie, you weren't cynical at all when you thought the US Government had demolished the towers so they could invade another country? In the end he says it's about ego, but how can it be when these people hide behind masks and a false identity? Even you Charlie.


And this is how to do an odd white hair patch of hair...

faceoff still.png

faceoff1crop.gif (5.45 MiB) Viewed 785 times


And just to add a little fact I found checking to see when BBC News 24 started broadcasting, because that's when things really began turning to shit... Coincidently, it was just after Tony Blair's Labour government came to power in 1997, and they haven't left power since.
BBC News (TV channel)... 9 November 1997 = 9/11

The BBC News channel is a British free-to-air public broadcast television news channel owned and operated by the BBC. The channel is based at and broadcasts from Broadcasting House in the West End of London from which it is anchored during British daytime, with overnight broadcasts anchored from Washington, D.C. and Singapore. It was launched as BBC News 24 on 9 November 1997 at 5:30 pm as part of the BBC's foray into digital domestic television channels, becoming the first competitor to Sky News, which had been running since 1989.
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

Interestingly enough, and I'm only going by the BBC programme pages, but someone else made the connect between Unvaccinated and Conspiracy Road Trip.


July 25, 2022
The recent BBC "Unvcinted" documentary reminded me of a similar program from 10 years ago called "Conspiracy road trip" where a group of conspiracy theorists were taken on a trip around America with a host to see if he could "change their mind".

By the end of the show only one of the group had "changed their mind"- a guy called Charlie Vietch.

This Charlie Vietch had also previously been seen on the BBC as a "city worker" witnessing the Ian Tomlinson murder in 2009!

Was this guy a government agent? Bit of a coincidence innit?!

It's interesting, Charlie Vietch was the only one of the five to change his mind. I wonder if the point was to get the other four to change their minds and he was the plant? The more I think about, the more it would seem 'the being made redundant from the City' part of his story was always in the script, it fits with the whole 'white nationalist' and 'right-wing extremest' narrative that has been banging on seemingly forever in the UK. That's the character he played directly after that BBC interview.

I've got nothing against Charlie personally, it's just using him to understand how the system works. Unfortunately, he'll be pushing any Government line or counter-line he's given through his Youtube channel. COVID really broke the spine on that, and I noticed when I went to his channel to get that recent grab of him in the last post, he was telling his audience Israelis were being evacuated out of Manchester...Right.


Jumping back to BBC Unvaccinated, I was looking up some of the people who took part and Luca caught my eye. It turns out he did an interview with UK Column's Debi Evans. And it's quite a revealing interview, because she's not asking standard MSM questions. From the way he talks, he's a jobbing actor, and this might give us a bit of insight into Charlie and why he decided to publicly renounce the 911 conspiracy. I mean, who really wants to hang around with David Icke for the rest of their acting career? Though saying that, Charlie might well do bit parts in BBC shows like Casualty, with a different face on... I used to wonder about that; how do they get different actors each week for the show, and why was I hardly ever aware of the same people playing different patients when it was on 52 weeks a year.

August 4, 2022
Luca Barbarossa had many questions over the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine programme in UK. He agreed to participate in the BBC documentary ‘Unvaccinated’ fronted by Professor Hannah Fry. Luca tells Debi of his experiences as a participant, the failure of the BBC to address vaccine safety issues and of his concerns for the way the BBC conducted the interviews.
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

Interesting, I just went back to the 'Contagion: The BBC Four Pandemic' page link I berated here for not having the broadcast dates, and there they are, which means I can put up the page link to show it was first published on Thu 22 Mar 2018, 21:00.


22nd March 2018
bbc pandemic.png

And two years later, to the date, Boris Johnson implements the first UK lockdown. Do we think they popped some champagne to celebrate?

22nd March 2020 ... march-2020
Location: 10 Downing Street
Delivered on: 22 March 2020 (Transcript of the speech, exactly as it was delivered)


Good afternoon everyone

Thank you for coming, and thank you to Robert Jenrick, the Communities Secretary, and Dr Jenny Harries, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

I want again to thank everyone in the country today for the huge effort that we are collectively making.

I want to thank the amazing workers in the NHS, everybody working in social care, in every sector, in food distribution, transport, you name it – absolutely everyone who is keeping this country going today.

And I want to thank everyone who is being forced to do something differently today.

Everyone who didn’t visit their mum for Mother’s Day but Facetimed them, Skyped them, rang them instead.

Thank you for your restraint and for what you did.

Everyone who was forced to close a pub or a restaurant or a gym or any other business that could have done fantastic businesses on a great day like this.

Thank you for your sacrifice, I know how tough it must be.

And I can tell you again that this government will be standing behind you – behind British business, behind British workers, employees, self-employed – throughout this crisis.

And the reason we are taking these unprecedented steps to prop up businesses, support businesses and support our economy and these preventative measures is because we have to slow the spread of the disease and to save thousands of lives.

Today we have come to the stage of our plan that I advertised at the outset, when we first set out the plan of the UK government.

When we have to take special steps to protect the particularly vulnerable.

I said the moment would come where we needed to shield those with serious conditions. There are probably about 1.5 million in all.

And in a minute Robert Jenrick will set out the plan in detail.

But this shielding will do more than any other single measure that we are setting out to save life. That is what we want to do.

Also to reduce infection and to slow the spread of the disease.

We have to do more to make sure that the existing measures that we are taking are having the effect that we want.

So it is crucial that people understand tomorrow that the schools are closed.

And tomorrow you should not send your child to school unless you have been identified as a key worker.

And more generally in the view of the way people have responded over the last few days to the measures we have set out I want to say a bit more about how we interact outdoors.

Of course I want people to be able to go to the parks and open spaces and to enjoy themselves – it is crucial for health and mental and physical wellbeing.

But please follow the advice and don’t think that fresh air in itself automatically provides some immunity.

You have to stay two metres apart; you have to follow the social distancing advice.

And even if you think you are personally invulnerable, there are plenty of people you can infect and whose lives will then be put at risk.

And I say this now – on Sunday evening – take this advice seriously, follow it, because it is absolutely crucial.

And as I have said throughout this process we will keep the implementation of these measures under constant review and, yes of course, we will bring forward further measures if we think that is necessary.

Always remember that in following this advice- and I know how difficult that is – that each and every one of us.

You are doing your bit in following this advice to slow the spread of this disease.

The more we collectively slow the spread, the more time we give the NHS to prepare, the more lives we will save, the faster we will get through this.

And always remember – we will get through this, and we will beat it together.

Next Robert Jenrick to outline the shielding measures.

Published 22 March 2020

I do get the many reasons why a person might choose to obscure their real appearance in front of a camera. But as COVID has shown us, put a mask on someone and it gives them licence to act like an utter prick. And that's where we are with regards to "the establishment".

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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

Anyway, getting back to Danny Shine, the chap The Telegraph conveniently wrote out of Charlie Veitch's 'Love Police' history.

From what I can gather, after Love Police, he kept his megaphone but used to create commotions outside shops so the police were called; then argue the law with them. Else he's set himself up at traffic camera sights in London and use his megaphone to explain the camera was setup specifically to extort money out of motorists. IE, there was no danger of death, but rather the road layout makes it likely that drivers will carelessly break a the camera is placed to take a snapshot, then penalty fines are automatically sent out through the post; the camera netting thousands of pounds per month for the relevant council who buys into the scam/scheme.

But then just as Extinction Rebellion became a thing he totally changed tact. The standing outside shops harassing shoppers became focused on meat, him being a vegan. Also he tacked onto Extinction Rebellion and pushes the same doomsday scenario as XR. Now you'd think if he's done his research on the law to such a degree he can argue regulations with police constables he would also be aware that Climate Change is a massive scam created by the Club of Rome, and any argument with a police officer pales into insignificance with regards to the freedoms these people want to remove from citizens. But not Danny, he's right on board pushing the climate change/sustainable development scam. Danny Shine has now become the forefront as a religious zealot preaching on only one subject, that of Sin. It's a sin to eat meat. It's a sin to have children.


What I don't understand, if he believes what he says, why is he preaching his gospel in the UK where population growth has collapsed other than the import of immigrants? Why doesn't he instead fuck off to Africa and preach his message there? I mean it's not like he can't find people to fund him jet-setting around the world, he's always going to international conferences...Oh right; his problem isn't about population control in general, it's specifically about the native British population, and he clearly doesn't believe in global warming else he would stop adding to the carbon footprint by flying all over the world so he can shit-stir...So what is Danny Shine really all about?

Well, we know his history with the BBC goes back 20 years. And we know he hangs around with government shills who pretend they are real people, examples being Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion and previously Charlie Veitch, who like Danny, on the face of it seems to be anti-vax, and we know the three of them wear stage makeup to hide their actual identities. Interestingly, in the next video the person recording asks Danny if he is Indian, and in that video we do see a dark complexion. It would seem Danny has changed his look over time, but he is always wearing makeup when he's on camera. The part he plays is an act, and he understands police protocol, that's what he plays on, and he went to university, we don't know which one, but I think it will be one of the usual suspects.


The thing with COVID, the people who set those apparent rules understand exactly police protocol and the way the law is applied, hence Danny's expertise. They've spent years testing English law to find holes to manoeuvre around. Biblically, this is exactly what the Sadducees and Pharisees did with the Levitical Law to co-opt and control the general Jewish population' working with the State power of Rome to further their interests and control.

You might remember, at the start of this thread I posted 'The False Enlightenment Of Danny Shine', a video by Charlie Veitch. Now I must admit, I haven't watched the entire video, but I was interested when Charlie ran through his history with Danny; he said they worked together for some 11 months starting from the 1st May 2009, this is a month after the Ian Tomlinson death. Danny says he only knew Charlie for a couple of months, so a disagreement in time, but I tend to believe Charlie regarding this matter as he had an axe to grind in that video.


This is the end of 2009 going into 2010, it starts with Charlie on the steps of Tate Britain in London, it has a message on it's front, 'EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT'. Charlie told us when he met Danny on May 1st 2009, he was holding a sign which said, 'EVERYTHING IS OK'. Do we think any of that is coincidence? We can instead pencil in the idea it was all orchestrated as part of the 2009 financial crash and Swine Flu pandemic, and it has the likes of the Tate, along with the Ritz, etc, playing their parts in the narrative. ... is_in_2009
Global financial crisis in 2009

On the evening of January 18, the Danish Parliament agreed to a financial package worth 100 billion Danish kroner (17.6 billion USD). In response, markets panicked yet again. On January 22, the editorial board of The Christian Science Monitor wrote that the four largest U.S. banks "have lost half of their value since January 2."

The two-month period from January 1-February 27 represented the worst start to a year in the history of the S&P 500 with a drop in value of 18.62%. By March 2, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index had dropped more than 50% from its October 2007 peak. The decline has been compared to that of the 1929 Great Depression, which was 53% between September 1929 and March 1931.

On March 6, the Bank of England announced up to 150 billion pounds of quantitative easing, increasing the risk of inflation.

In March 2009, Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman said that up to 45% of global wealth had been destroyed by the global financial crisis.

By March 9, 2009, the Dow had fallen to 6,500, a percentage decline exceeding the pace of the market's fall during the Great Depression and a level which the index had last seen in 1997. On March 10, 2009, a countertrend bear market rally began, taking the Dow up to 8,500 by May 6, 2009. Financial stocks were up more than 150% during this rally. By May 9, financial stocks had rallied more than 150% in just over two months.

On June 22 the World Bank projected that the global production for 2009 would fall by 2.9%, the first decline since the second world war.
2009 swine flu pandemic

The 2009 swine flu pandemic, caused by the H1N1/swine flu/influenza virus and declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) from June 2009 to August 2010, is the third recent flu pandemic involving the H1N1 virus (the first being the 1918–1920 Spanish flu pandemic and the second being the 1977 Russian flu). The first two cases were discovered independently in the United States in April 2009. The virus appeared to be a new strain of H1N1 that resulted from a previous triple reassortment of bird, swine, and human flu viruses which further combined with a Eurasian pig flu virus, leading to the term "swine flu". [A FAKE PANDEMIC NARRATIVE TO SELL THE IDEA OF VIRUSES CROSSING SPECIES...ALL TO JUSTIFY THE ONE HEALTH INITIATIVE.]

Some studies estimated that the real number of cases including asymptomatic and mild cases could be 700 million to 1.4 billion people—or 11 to 21 percent of the global population of 6.8 billion at the time. [THAT WOULD BE NEIL FERGUSON OF IMPERIAL COLLEGE.] The lower value of 700 million is more than the 500 million people estimated to have been infected by the Spanish flu pandemic. However, the Spanish flu infected approximately a third of the world population at the time, a much higher proportion. [ON THE BACK OF SOLDIERS RETURNING FROM THE WAR BEING VACCINATED]

The number of lab-confirmed deaths reported to the WHO is 18,449 and is widely considered a gross underestimate. The WHO collaborated with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USCDC) and Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL) to produce two independent estimates of the influenza deaths that occurred during the global pandemic using two distinct methodologies. [FNDING WAYS TO FUDGE THE STATISTICS IN FAVOUR OF RAISING THE DEATH NUMBERS SO THEY CAN JUSTIFY 'ONE HEALTH'.] The 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic is estimated to have actually caused about 284,000 (range from 150,000 to 575,000) excess deaths by the WHO-USCDC study and 148,000–249,000 excess respiratory deaths by the WHO-NIVEL study. A study done in September 2010 showed that the risk of serious illness resulting from the 2009 H1N1 flu was no higher than that of the yearly seasonal flu. For comparison, the WHO estimates that 250,000 to 500,000 people die of seasonal flu annually. However, the H1N1 influenza epidemic in 2009 resulted in a large increase in the number of new cases of narcolepsy.

Unlike most strains of influenza, the pandemic H1N1/09 virus did not disproportionately infect adults older than 60 years [BECAUSE IT WAS FAKE?]; this was an unusual and characteristic feature of the H1N1 pandemic. Even in the case of previously healthy people, a small percentage develop pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). This manifests itself as increased breathing difficulty and typically occurs three to six days after initial onset of flu symptoms. The pneumonia caused by flu can be either direct viral pneumonia or a secondary bacterial pneumonia. A November 2009 New England Journal of Medicine article recommended that flu patients whose chest X-ray indicates pneumonia receive both antivirals and antibiotics. In particular, it is a warning sign if a child seems to be getting better and then relapses with high fever, as this relapse may be bacterial pneumonia.

Just like 'BUILD BACK BETTER' and 'TWO WEEKS TO FLATTEN THE CURVE', it was an international campaign in which state institutions all played along and The Love Police were poster boys back in 2009/10. All part of the 'OCCUPY' con which has now morphed into XR and JustStopOil.


I'll continue this thought in the next post.
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

This is the last video where Danny Shine is part of the Love Police, in it he announces that him and Charlie are going their separate ways. He states it started in May 2009, which matches with what Charlie said. While I don't know the location, we see the uniforms of City of London police, and again, the City of London is its own corporation outside the United Kingdom.


So from May 1st to February 24th is about ten months, and if we say it's nonsense the idea they just happened to meet at the Mayday demo, but rather they did the sort of castings Luca Barbarossa talks about in his interview with Debi from UK Column. It was a live performance, Danny and Charlie therefore would have needed to do some rehearsals before the event, we can get to that eleven months Charlie states.


So this next video is after Danny has left and we see Charlie talking to a police officer. Note the badge on the hat, 'E II R', so the Queen's constabulary and not the City of London's. The officer mentions Section 44, (masonic 44) and the response from Charlie and his friend is, "Section 44 of the terrorism act...Which the European Court of Human Rights ruled unlawful." ...That's Charlie's group trying to use "an authority" which is questionable in itself, and is outside of the jurisdiction of the current situation, to attempt to overrule domestic law. I'm not arguing about the rights and wrongs of their actions or the actual section, I'm just pointing out what they are doing. Then he says something quite interesting, 1:05: "Our job is to make people think, and to make the beefeaters think, and what we went in there originally, was to say the Prince Charles, a big environmentalist, and he doesn't want people to eat meat because cows farting is bad for the environment. So we called the beefeaters, carrot-eaters."... Do you get that, he used "our job" and "Prince Charles" in the same sentence.


I wasn't going to put the second part up, but at around 2:50, one of Charlie's gang talks about the same thing I just mentioned, the different police uniforms, because of the different legal jurisdictions. This is why the establishment is so pissed off about BREXIT, because England are still legally outside the jurisdiction of the EU/Rome, and that should have ended in 2016... And in 2020, all European national parliaments were due to be abolished according to the six EU treaties, replaced, we can guess, by City Mayor fiefdoms.

This is why the King is committing democide on his own population; morphine and midazolam used on the elderly during 2020 under the cover of COVID-19, the demographic parliament and the media blamed for BREXIT. ... heresa-May
Remainer Lineker's dark dig at Brexit voters who ‘will be dead by the time we leave EU’
Sun, Dec 18, 2016

The retired English footballer and sports broadcaster is known for his outbursts over the Brexit vote.

After Britain chose the leave the EU on June 23, the broadcaster tweeted: “Feel ashamed of my generation. We've let down our children and their children.”

Viewers were furious with the sly dig that the sports star spouted out aimed at the 17.4million people who voted to leave the EU.

The point of secret elections is so the governing power doesn't then kill the people it concludes, voted the wrong way. They had no factual data to do what they did, just sheer bloody-mindedness. And this is not a rumour, in the Coronavirus Act that was passed through both Houses in a day without any scrutiny by the Commons or Lords, Her Majesty's government stood as surety for any unlawful killing performed by NHS staff within NHS hospitals. It's in the act. It became law. Good luck in getting any justice if NHS staff gave your mum or dad a lethal injection between 2020 and 2022.
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

I am maybe finally getting to the point of this thread. But the proceeding information I discovered only serves to make the following observation more likely. It doesn't contradict, it complements.

After the London G20 summit of 2009, where Ian Tomlinson was allegedly killed in riots on its eve, the following year, 2010, the G20 summit was held in Toronto, Canada.
2010 G20 Toronto summit

World leaders wave during their official photo call at the G-20 Summit on Sunday (Jun. 27)
World leaders wave during their official photo call at the G-20 Summit on Sunday (Jun. 27)

The 2010 G20 Toronto summit was the fourth meeting of the G20 heads of state/government, to discuss the global financial system and the world economy, which took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, during June 26–27, 2010. The summit's priorities included evaluating the progress of financial reform, developing sustainable stimulus measures, debating global bank tax, and promoting open markets. Alongside the twenty-one representatives of the G20 major economies, leaders of six invited nations, and eight additional intergovernmental organizations also took part in the summit.

Prior to the summit, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that the theme would be "recovery and new beginnings," referring to an anticipated economic stimulus from the impact of the ongoing world recession. Harper initially proposed to hold the summit in Huntsville, Ontario, where the 36th G8 summit was scheduled immediately prior. Organizers later deemed the town insufficient to provide hospitality for the large number of G20 delegates and journalists, favouring Toronto as the host location.

Organizers formed an Integrated Security Unit, consisting of police officers from several regional departments, to provide security during the summit in Downtown Toronto. The event was part of the largest and most expensive security operation in Canadian history. Many hundreds of members of the public were wrongfully detained, some held in inhumane conditions. The total combined cost between the 36th G8 summit in Huntsville and the G20 summit in Toronto including security, infrastructure, and hospitality, was determined to be approximately C$858 million.

So we see straight away, its the whole Sustainable Development goals and Carbon TAX dressed up in terms of financial reform; and don't forget, got to promote those carbon-offset markets. They talk-the-talk but never much was wasted to put on that shindig? ..."But if we don't provide the hospitality, no one will turn up." Yes exactly, because this world wasn't designed to be a prison where its inmates get the minimum amount of gruel to subsist.

But back to Danny, the video in the last post, "The Absurdity of an Ending - Danny says Goodbye" published on 24 Feb 2010, I just noticed something, in the description underneath it, Charlie writes:
The Love Police expulsion of Danny for counter-revolutionary activities (such as raising a family, being a nice guy, and contributing to the love). We say thank you to one another and explain that we're going to the same destination, but we must each take our own paths.
Thank you to Danny for all he has done.

It gets even more ironic, because it looks like Danny actually stopped appearing in front of the camera with Charlie with the upload on this post, published on the 8th September 2009. It has the soundtrack, 'The Greatest Love of All', just a reminder of the lyrics
  • I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

What happened to you, Danny? From that to this...uploaded on 1 May 2023 That's your 14th anniversary of apparently meeting Charlie at the May Day protests of 2009. Happy Anniversary!

1 May 2023
We joined with the charity Population Matters on valentines day giving away free condoms in our attempt to reduce accidental pregnancies.

For a discount for sheer-element chocolates please click on the link below

C.R.A.P. ...I wouldn't want to be a conspiracy theorist and read something into that.

But this one has an interesting section at the end. Danny is taking the piss out of an XR "protester" who wants the government to introduce a carbon tax...fancy that. If you had any doubt that they were a bunch of paid actors, well...

13 Nov 2022
I found some fun footage of XR doing their usual in 2021

But as another person steps up to the camera to explain, one of the XR heavy mob stops him...only designated voices allowed when it comes to XR it would know, Roger Hallam and his plastic face.

Who purchased and branded the high visibility jacket?
Who purchased and branded the high visibility jacket?

Oh, and everything to do with Extinction Rebellion is branded XR. Which London advertising agency do we think designed their brand identity? Saatchi & Saatchi maybe? ...It has that multinational communications feel about it, a simple design, yet a lot of thought in how it is used effectively to portray the company's stated core values. No different to Apple, Google or X.

A protest in King George Square, Brisbane (2020)...because their carbon footprint does not matter
A protest in King George Square, Brisbane (2020)...because their carbon footprint does not matter

For a fakeologist, the best part is at the end. It's interesting Danny left it in, though he probably didn't upload the video; working on the principle he's not really a one man band. So a guy comes up to him and asks the following, and this is the exchange.
  • Orange top: "Listen, I thought you were a psychologist yesterday or the day before, are you still a psychologist, or do you morph into different kinds of..."
    Danny: "Yes...I do, I, I play different characters."
    Orange top: "...Oh do you, oh okay."
    Danny: "...Yeah, yeah...I'm an actor."

So we have Charles Veitch, actor. And we have Danny Shine, actor. Kind of explains Danny's change of heart regarding having children...

But back to Canada, 2010. Danny officially says goodbye to Love Police via the 24 Feb 2010 upload (last post). So definitely don't be thinking Danny has anything to do with Love Police four months later when they travelled to perform a warmup act for the June 2010 G20 Toronto summit. No, Danny and Charlie went to the trouble of making a film of themselves standing on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London to announce a permanent separation.

Then minus Danny Shine, this is the film created by Danny Dicks about 'The Love Police' in Canada, and generally about being a G20 protester and being arrested in June 2010. Does this have the feel of the Canadian Truckers January 2022 protest about it? Like Occupy morphing into XR, the same but different?

rachel wrote: Thu Oct 12, 2023 10:49 pm Originally uploaded to youtube on Apr 20, 2011, account now closed, but still exists as an archive.


Press For Truth Presents Into The Fire
World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.

Into The Fire
The whole world is watching.

One of the things that jumped out at me on Charles Veitch's acting page which I mentioned near the start of this thread is here. Grab from actual archived page:


Accents spoken: Canadian, UK Scottish, USA California. Do we think there is a chance in those eleven months when actors Danny and Charlie worked together, they might have spent time with a Canadian accent coach so they could perfect a Canadian accent? And in fact, we could possibly add "Canadian" Danny Dicks into this mix...I wonder how far his identity goes back?

None of this is proof of anything, but I find it an interesting little factoid on the way to were I'm heading.
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Re: Anyone know any ex-truthers?

Unread post by rachel »

We are in Canada, and it is now May 2nd, 2010. I'm going to take a few extracts in the form of transcripts from the 'Into The Fire' film, because in the sections I've watched, there are some interesting parallels with Extinction Rebellion.
Danny Dicks:
Into The Fire - Full Film-0001.jpg

So now we are currently down in Toronto's financial district. This is the heart of the financial district here in the city. So we thought it was important to come here to show you what you can expect in two months from now in this area. As many of you know there is a group out there called the Black Bloc who show up to these protests dressed in black. They often have rocks and they'll pick up things and try to smash banks.

Into The Fire - Full Film-0003.jpg
Into The Fire - Full Film-0004.jpg

There was a fire bombing at RBC Bank in Ottawa just last week by a group who is calling themselves the FFFC Ottawa. You create a problem, say the bombing, you get a reaction, say oh my god, what are we going to do about this? And then you offer your solution to the problem which is more cameras, more security, more lockdown, and we have new CCTV cameras going up here in Toronto as a direct result of the G20.

Of course what Danny Dicks doesn't say, what would it matter if someone burned down a bank except for maybe the account holders and the staff, if it wasn't for the journalists reporting the 'PROBLEM >> REACTION >> SOLUTION'. Do you think if maybe you didn't exist, the government maybe wouldn't need to steal quite so much from the rest of us? Do you think that bank went up in flames last week so you had something to talk about in your film? I don't know, I'm just asking the question.
Constable George Tucker, Toronto Police Service:
I'm George Tucker. I'm from the Toronto Police Service and have been a police officer downtown here in 52 division mostly for approximately 30 years. The Integrated Security Unit is the group that's comprised and required to provide the security to those internationally protected people. The Integrated Security Unit is led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Integrated Security Unit has security zones, and they will be protected by fences.

Danny Dicks:
Now over the last two weeks, Toronto city workers have been working very hard putting up these fences all around what is called the red zone. Over six kilometres of fencing is going to be put in this area, which actually ended up costing over $5 million.

Into The Fire - Full Film-0006.jpg

Constable George Tucker, Toronto Police Service:
What are these zones? There's two. One that we will call a red zone, which is the most secure zone; and then the outer zone, which is less secure, but it's the largest.

You know, the world did change unfortunately on 911. And if it wasn't for some of the elements in our society, the security units would not have to be here in the presence they are going to be here.

Into The Fire - Full Film-0009.jpg
Into The Fire - Full Film-0007.jpg

I'm going to suggest 'six kilometres of fencing doesn't cost '$5 million', not even Canadian dollars. So it is more likely the fencing is an excuse to launder $5 million from Canadian citizens in the form of a tax bill to stage the "G20 Show". And Danny Dicks, Charlie Veitch and Danny Shine are all just another set of snouts in the trough. And the irony is, these three might not even see why I'm saying they're part of the problem, not the solution.

What Constable George Tucker of the Toronto Police Service says is true, and he's probably saying exactly what he means, it's just how you want to read it. The world did change on 911, because that's the day when "the media show" became more important than actual reality; when the entire gaggle of Western media said in one voice; "WE HAVE NO KING BUT CAESAR"...and so therefore the only reason the security units had to be there in the presence they were in Toronto, with all that metal fencing, is because the G20 had to be seen as 'VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE DOING VERY IMPORTANT THINGS', when in fact it's just another set of bullshit created by narcissists who should really know better.

So that sets the scene; I think the next thing to look at is Black Bloc, and how it compares to XR. At what point did GREEN become the NEW BLACK?
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