Birth Control

All info related to the new biggest hoax of our time.
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Birth Control

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Mark Reeder @franklin_reeder May 24

I came across a hardcopy of a July 1956 Reader’s Digest. It has an article by Margaret Sanger titled, “Asia Discovers Birth Control.”

I’ll tweet the full article and point out some excerpts.


“When in 1922, I lectured in Japan […], the Imperial Government forbade me to advocate birth control publicly… but 32 years later, in 1954, I was invited to address the Upper House Welfare Committee on efficient methods of combating overpopulation.”


“…Dr. E. Stuart Kirby of Hong Kong University, an authority on the demography of the Eastern Hemisphere, has said: “The P-bomb (population bomb) is a greater threat to the world than is the A-bomb or the H-bomb.’…”

“…So desperate had the population problem become (in Japan) by 1948 that a Eugenic Protection Law was enacted, permitting the termination of any pregnancy which could ‘seriously injure the health of the mother owing to physical or economic conditions.’…”

“…India is also engaged in ambitious efforts to increase food production to meet the needs of its growing population. But there as elsewhere such efforts are doomed to failure unless there is population control…”


“…Recently, a population expert attested that ‘efforts to increase the production of food cannot alone suffice to achieve any steady or rapid rise in nutrition levels. A firm control of the number of births is indisputably necessary.’…”

“…It seems unbelievable that in an age when we have harnessed the atom we still have not perfected a simple method for the control of human fertility. But research now under way in many parts of the world will surely result in important discoveries….”


“These may provide the means not only of curbing the quantity of the world’s population but of changing its quality to give an onward and upward lift to human dignity and freedom.

It may be that the East, which has the most to gain from [it], will lead the way.”


Fast forward to 2023:

“Japan’s prime minister issued a dire warning about the country’s population crisis on Monday, saying it was “on the brink of not being able to maintain social functions” due to the falling birth rate…” ... index.html ... ild-policy

“Demographer Yi Fuxian remains sceptical whether any measures would have a significant impact by themselves, saying China needed a ‘paradigm revolution of its entire economy, society, politics and diplomacy to boost fertility.’”
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Re: Birth Control

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Thank you for this post.

It makes me angry. It has always been an attack on he wonder of life it self. It's a wide range of anti-life policies by the rulers thrown over us.

1. **Birth Control Methods**: These include a wide range of options such as condoms, contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices (IUDs), implants, and contraceptive injections. Each method offers varying degrees of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. And are in most countries offered for free or at low cost by the state.

2. **Abortion Services**

3. **Promotion of Sex for Pleasure**: Encouraging the view of sex as an activity for enjoyment rather than reproduction. This perspective can lead to more consistent use of contraceptives during sexual activity.

4. **Morning-After Pills**: Also known as emergency contraception, these pills can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex.

5. **Sterilization**: Surgical procedures like vasectomy for men and tubal ligation for women. These are permanent methods of contraception.

6. **Sex Education**: Comprehensive sex education programs that inform kids about various aspects of sexual health how to prevent getting kids.

7. **Family Planning Services**: Providing access to information and resources that help individuals and couples plan their families, including the number and spacing of children.

8. **Economic Incentives and Policies**: Government policies that provide economic incentives or disincentives for having children. For example, tax benefits for smaller families or penalties for larger ones.

9. **Media and Public Campaigns**: Using media platforms to promote smaller family norms and the benefits of family planning.

10. **Access to Reproductive Health Services**: Ensuring widespread access to healthcare facilities where individuals can receive reproductive health services, counseling, and support.

11. **Community Outreach Programs**: Engaging with communities to educate and inform them about the benefits of population control and available methods.

12. **Support for Women's Education and Employment**: Empowering women through education and employment opportunities has been linked to delayed childbearing and reduced fertility rates.

13. **Development of New Contraceptive Technologies**: Research and development of new, more effective, or more accessible contraceptive methods.

14. **Legal and Policy Reforms**: Implementing laws and policies that support "family planning" and "reproductive rights".
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