Possible Poisons

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Possible Poisons

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Supplements, “Medicines” and Food – The Long List of Poisons That Come With Them:
In 2020, a lot of people became aware of the fact that there are no viruses and vaccinations are toxic, since then the field of virology has been thoroughly dismantled at least for those who have taken the time to consider the issue.

A topic that is, however, a lot less discussed is the poisons being pushed on the unsuspecting masses - synthetic vitamins, supplements, preventive medicines and nanoparticles.

I have tried to highlight some of these substances in the introduction of the Gatekeepers Club and then elaborated a bit more in The Casual Snake Oil Salesman - A Good Gatekeeper Tell. One of our more recent articles focused on the latest trend of nanoparticles and nanoceuticals such as Carbon 60, Zeolite and nano Silver.

Even though I have never promoted these kinds of substances, it wasn’t until someone showed me how harmful these poisonous substances can be that I started exposing the gatekeepers promoting it.

For me, all of this work was kicked off by Horius Parry on twitter. I was chasing down the gatekeeper Simon Goddek for perpetuating the virus lie. Horius happened to reply to one of my tweets stating that it’s not just about the no virus topic but also the fact that Goddek is pushing a poisonous substance onto the masses.

Following that interaction and after looking into Horius’ research, I realised that there is another related but separate leg to the scam pushed by gatekeepers which has gone mostly unchecked over the past four years. This was the origin of The Casual Snake Oil Salesman - A Good Gatekeeper Tell.

Since then, I have met some great people working hard at exposing the harms of the substances being promoted by gatekeepers as “safe”, “effective” and as aids to “detoxification”. In this article I would like to bring attention to their deserving work.


It should be noted that although they all appear in the same article, I am by no means placing them all in the same category. Some of them are not solely focused on bringing attention to the poisons out there and also focus on other important topics, with some covering a wide range of ideas and concepts. They have been included on the list together because they have all at one time or another done great work in unearthing the truth about some of the poisons that are being promoted by gatekeepers...
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