Holocaust denial laws

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Holocaust denial laws

Unread post by fakeologist »

Probably the most oppressive and threatening laws to any open society are being enacted worldwide.

Here are some thoughtful videos from Markus Rehbach from down under.
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Re: Holocaust denial laws

Unread post by PotatoFieldsForever »

We have these type laws in Belgium:
(Translated from French)

MARCH 23, 1995. - Law aimed at suppressing the negation, minimization, justification or approval of the genocide committed by the German National Socialist regime during the Second World War.

Article 1. Anyone who, in any of the circumstances mentioned in Article 444 of the Penal Code, denies, grossly minimizes, seeks to justify, or approves of the genocide committed by the German National Socialist regime during the Second World War, shall be punished with imprisonment for eight days to one year and a fine of twenty-six to five thousand francs.
For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the term genocide has the meaning of Article 2 of the International Convention of December 9, 1948 for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
(The convicted person may, in addition, be sentenced to interdiction in accordance with article 33 of the Penal Code.) <L 1999-05-07/57, art. 3.002; In force: 05-07-1999>

Art. 2. In the event of conviction for an offense against this law, insertion may be ordered. of the judgment in full or in extract, in one or more newspapers, and its posting, at the expense of the convicted person.

Art. 3. Chapter VII of Book I of the Penal Code and Article 85 of the same Code are applicable to this law.

Art. 4.[1 The Interfederal Center for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against Racism and Discrimination, created by the cooperation agreement of June 12, 2013]1, as well as any [2 legal entity]2 which proposes, by its statutes, to defend the moral interests and the honor of the resistance or of the deportees [2 and who meets the conditions provided for in article 17, paragraph 2, 1° to 3°, of the Judicial Code]2, can be in court in all disputes to which the application of this law could give rise.
(1)<L 2013-08-17/43, art. 13.003; Effective: 03-15-2014>
(2)<L 2018-12-21/09, art. 142.004; Effective: 10-01-2019>

Art. 5. This law comes into force on the day of its publication in the Belgian Monitor.

(No. 1995009273)
It's interesting that these laws were published around the 90s, as the homologous laws from neighboring countries.
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Re: Holocaust denial laws

Unread post by fakeologist »

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Re: Holocaust denial laws

Unread post by rachel »

He used a really piss poor example in saying, it's like the Catholic Church (Papacy) defending the Bible...the Sect who burned people at the stake for owning or reading the Bible. Why? Because the Catholic Church don't use the Bible, because in the Bible there is no such thing as Purgatory, or the Trinity, or the change to Sunday worship, or Indulgences, or Papal Supremacy and Infallibility, or the worship of Mary, or her Immaculate Conception, or her Assumption into Heaven, etc. etc.
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Holocaust denial laws mean nothing, so relax

Unread post by aSHIFT. »

None of us should fear "Holocaust denial laws" (HDL).


Because they're not serious. They are not there to put you or me in court.

They are not like "normal" laws that are valid all over the world, each in their own particular wording, but overall the gist is the same.

be it bodily harm, theft, fraud or property damages, the laws are overall clear. Everywhere. From Greenland to Grenada, Kamchatka to Kyoto.

That is not the case with these so-caled HDLs.

0 - to start with, they are cultural. Based on the amount of jewishness in the surroundings, the laws change. Here, in 2012, we were standing below the hardcore football fans of 1 time Copa Libertadores winners Once Caldas. Their name is...

Holocausto Norte

I mean....

I have shared that famous sepia photo before in an old server. And is on my Patreon for the matrons.

so that's the start, it's depending on where you are. Meaning little in an online, international context. (((They))) play with this fear, so read on...


1st - study the laws themselves, if you're into that. the actual text, what does it say - so good this thread is there for exactly that

just now searching for "that law" in the Netherlands, the country I was not even in, but bound to by the forum rules (I met more than 100 people from that forum in real life, it was my "Discord" back then), I found a discussion about updating, amending, expanding the law.

Article 137c

that is what I remembered from years ago, and the actual text is interesting (you can all use seach engines yourselves) but should be read and understood in its core language, not translated. It was written in Dutch, so should be read as such.

at the same time, doesn't matter, not even the amendment discussion, cause the nucleus doesn't change and proves its vagueness and nonsense:

"collective insulting", "insulting a collective", "being hateful to a group of people"

in my case, and that was what I outlined when I was welcomed back by so many, asking where I was the past 3 months, "I couldn't investigate the so-called mass murder on my own family", BANG, permaban.

What we do here, Fakeology, Revisionism, without any hateful motive, just properly using our brains, eyes, ears and each others lessons to gain understanding in historical events

cannot be forbidden. It cannot be made illegal, and that is why they do it the way they do it.

For those interested, in Dutch that discussion on Nederland Rechtsstaat (meaning State of Law and Nation of Justice at the same time!)

https://www.nederlandrechtsstaat.nl/ont ... ingrijpen/

1a - in Europe, within the jurisdiction of the EU legal entities, you are bound to not only national, but also European laws.

I don't remember the details or code number, but there was in the late 2000s some law passed by a French EU parliamentarian or so, and that can supercede Dutch laws, so they can hide behind 2 shifting goalpost trees, playing 4D hide and seek....

2nd - recognize they are all worded differently, and vague and not addressing the issue at hand

outlined above and see my conclusions at bottom

3rd - they DO NOT WANT you or me or anyone reasonably eloquent enough to explain their points. That is the LAST thing they want, hence why these scare tactic "laws" are in place.

But this is crucial, cause if you strangle a nurse, steal from the state (yeah, the paradox of that still needs to land with me also), defraud the schools and vandalize the airport

they absolutely DO WANT you in court

you sure are put on trial for all to see

For All To See

remember that trials, public trials, those that get to us through medias, no matter how "alternative" are there for showcasing.

They are Judge Judy shows, staged.

Their primary goal is not justice

Non-public trials, those civil lawsuits that are going on everyday, those are real and not put on TV, or "YouTube" (internet video services) (most of the time), etc.

(indeed the whole System of Laws is not set up to do justice, but elements of it surely are, else it couldn't function...)

4th - So the connection made with

"the Papal Anti-Heresy Laws"

is perfect

because they suffered the same. So it's ironic yous use it as an argument FOR the so-called "danger" of HDLs, but you should think the exact other way.

Why do you believe that "Galileo Galilei" or any of those "historical figures"; the Neil DeGross Tysons, the Elon Musks, the Taylor Swifts of those days...

(doesn't his name alone already sound like an early 17th century Pop Star or Football Player ?? )

went through all that was taught to us

ad nauseam

in schools.

Like "there was 1 world view, the Ptolemaic geocentric Papal Right One and then there was Galileo and Kopernik and his buddies and they said heliocentrism" and then
"burned at the stake"

like the witch trials (remember Miles Mathis' Salem piece, still sloppy "genealogy" he did, but back then his articles were still quality and good insights)

that is the gist of what everyone got in schools, except I guess the jesuits cause they should know better

and thus we too

for and around Simon Shack's geo-heliocentric TYCHOS model I made quite the extensive overview with the different views of the cosmos

in those ages

and it was way way more diverse and unestablished than what our schoolbooks and "teachers" indoctrinated into us

see, of course, Fakeopedia - Celestial Models - a good read !

https://fakeologist.com/fakeopedia/inde ... ial_Models



my view is that these HDLs are there to scare the public.
the highly publicized cases are staged, controlled, not making sense from an "innocent researcher with genuine questions stands up against the established truths" view.

the whole Holocaust Story (extensive article at Fakeopedia!) does not make sense so the LAST thing they want is you and me there in court

about this

so forget that, don't be afraid of (((them))). As long as you don't fall into the trap set out for you, in concluding that "jews is bad, so the damnified nazis must be good".

Cause that's where they get (to) you.

That's visible throughout all those cases

they try to tie you to the scarecrows they have created themselves

if you fall for that

like a moron

not like a Fakeologist continuing asking the same questions

"if the Nazis were so innocent and just caught in their cleansing of jewism in Europe"

then why didn't they prove that at Nuremberg and all the other minor, less publicized kangaroo courts they held in different places....
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