TRIOMF - cause every psyop has its sinister comedic core...

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TRIOMF - cause every psyop has its sinister comedic core...

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years ago I coined the acronym


standing for

Muddled (how I wrote it at Fakeopedia apparently) & Muffled (BC & later) & Muzzled (a. Corona)

muddled means
adjective: muddled

not arranged in order; untidy.
"the muddled display of pictures has been taken down"
not clear or coherent; confused.
"such a view reflects muddled thinking"
muffled means
adjective: muffled

(of a sound) not loud because of being obstructed in some way; muted.
"they heard the sounds of muffled voices"
muzzled means
past tense: muzzled; past participle: muzzled

put a muzzle on (an animal).
"the dog should have been muzzled"
prevent (a person or group) from expressing their opinions freely.
"opposition leaders accused him of muzzling the news media"

TRIOMF - Trolling Right In Our Muddled Faces - Fakeopedia:

Trolling Right In Our Muddled Faces (TRIOMF) is an acronym used when the perps or psyopaths are revealing the truth while trolling, consciously or not. The use of language ("taking place on the world stage", "photos painting a picture", "based on a true story", etc.), clear revelations of truth ("we cannot go through the Van Allen Belts"), or the use of trolling names ("Joker Tsarnaev", "A. Frade", many more) are examples of TRIOMF.

  • the gay bar meeting place of the SA in Munich called Bratwurstglockl (1930s)
  • Joker (Dzokhar) Tsarnaev of the Boston Bombings (2013)
  • A. Frade, vicsim under the bus of the Westminster car attack (2017)
see also
  • Newspeak - for more unique words of the New Word Order
  • Glossary - for more unique Fakeology terms
  • Prescriptive programming - for how they program us using mind control
  • List of psyops - for more examples

Ernst Rohm and other gay Nazis


SO many psyops to choose from
so much to share here

what are the cases of TRIOMF you have come across ?
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