WHO are the "real" / REAL or Echte Elites in the World ?

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WHO are the "real" / REAL or Echte Elites in the World ?

Unread post by aSHIFT. »

WHO are the "real" / REAL or Echte Elites in the World ?

a question for the mentalversity

cause no single brain could ever answer this alone

you see ?

we matter

to gather
we better


this question has SO many cool angles to explore, OTHER than the prescriptively boring Rothschilds, Blackrocks and other cunts

what about

A - the Yabahuaca
and the North Sentinelese

the uncontacted tribes, aren't THEY the real Elites?

FULLY detached, unaWARE. of the Clownworld

pure Freedom
pure Harmony with Gaia, and thus GAIA


B - Billionaires

yeah, all nice that (paper) wealth

but what about

- loss of understanding of LIFE through complete detachment from human ecos nomos - economy - the subsistence of our dwellings
- all that personell you have to manage.... those mansions don't maintain themselves....
- insecurity and unsafety and thus unreality and anti Eye Am Eye - I am I - This is Me (racing driver Tom Coronel) - I am Who I Am (Fakeologist and VANLIFER Dr. Fustercluck) as a result

- the ONLY millionaire who IS himself, what an ABSOLUTE HERO that guy, from one of my all time favo movies even more

John Keanu Reeves fucking Wick master man

watch this

and tell me I'm wrong

Keanu Reeves in the NYC Subway

C - Creators

those who create
create Freedom

because only Free Minds
Can produce Art

try to make someone paint "a Sixtinth Capel" under torture....


Ok , Ear AM Ear cutting edge Asperger Vinny Van Absinth tot Gogh

may be an exception

talking about creators

he has left behind

in all his absinth minded (absent for sure, that stuff is truly truly dark...) TIME

9 years
1200 paintings, sketches, works

meaning EVERY 3 DAYS
for 9 YEARS


that is astonishing

what a dedication

that what I share with my very very far related family member (the Netherlands is a small country and Theo van Gogh from my hometown is therefore also that far and not so far back related, not bloodline though, married into my family lines) and drives

the Eye AM Eye for quality

that iamiradio

Kilez More

are other Kreator Inspirators

WHO are yours?

Arent THEY Elite?

D - Demons

unfortunatelty the state for most of yous here, posting and reading along I don't know, let your voices be heard ! in whatever way possible, see my upcoming answer to Ab's beautiful THANKS on my Anti Shock Cuck comedy post of last night, 24 hours ago now... cool and as cheesy


get that Clownworld
fake Gaza Gadgets



out of your LIVES

WHY do you spend your valuable TIME on those DEMONS ??

YOU make those the Elites, YOU, it is in your world.

Not in mine

they are Definitely NOT the Elites and if you do not aLOW. them to be

they aren't

that is not some mentally disordered detachment
I do not DENY reality

I choose the right world

YOU can
and KNOW
YOU should


amen, for now


speak out !
aSHIFT. - take control over your OWN life

the more we are, the more we share
the more we share, the more we are

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Re: WHO are the "real" / REAL or Echte Elites in the World ?

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Say no to drugs!

But to answer tge question, I dont think thenreal rulers of the world are in the public eye; I don't think they even live openly live like billionaires. In short I think the famous 13 families are high up but not the highest up.
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