Only "news" approved by the police is real "news"

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Only "news" approved by the police is real "news"

Unread post by SaiGirl »

Similar to the "warnings" issued by Conn. State Police Lt. Paul Vance during the "Sandy Hook" psyop.

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Re: Only "news" approved by the police is real "news"

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Yeah, nows the time, gloves off... I'm desperate to get Tshirts printed...put IT, in the faces without having to open my mouth... only problem is where to start! Gonna need a lot of different Tshirts...
Need to refine the message... at least that way, people know to stay out my way...:)

Which is pretty much everybody.... I'm isolated, old fashioned farm type life, don't get to town much... but for 3 years I never masked up, not even when i was forced to visit hospital, several times....but for 3yrs, I never saw a single FACE,,,not one!!!

I understand the 'go along to get along' but that's why we're in this trouble.
How many, now broken, cocked, boomer MEN, have and are just rolling over to the wishes of their emotional partners,,,,ie A happy wife is a happy life!
I know men who didn't want any of it, but did it all anyway....
But now those men are sounding like true converts.
I guess taking the 'sacrament' truly washes the brain.
Gotta double down like a good little BITCH
Maybe just do hand written itshirts in thick black on white...
"Correct Thinking"
"Treat ALL news media as BS"
"Unless PROVEN otherwise "
"and STOP spreading the lies"

Apologies, my mind, my mouth, and apparently my typing hand gets away from me.
Been appreciating your efforts for at least 10yrs SaiGirl :)
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Re: Only "news" approved by the police is real "news"

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approved news is nothing new ,i use that halfass attempt at censoring and ignoring to show how fucking pathetic and weak they are ,i do get a kick out of it though
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