How Putin's Propaganda Works in the West

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How Putin's Propaganda Works in the West

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The Soviet/Russian narrative and counter-narrative, described by a Russian expert in propaganda, allegedly:

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Re: How Putin's Propaganda Works in the West

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The guy is deceiving.

He makes it look as if it's all so complex, while it's simple:

- The US, Russia, and the Soviet Union are essentially the same. The international order. Soviet propaganda is only fractionally different; it also had a "free press." Contrary to common belief, the Soviets had thousands of newspapers that self-censored, similar to what is done in the West.-
- Both promote lies about space travel, the fake "Cold War," COVID, the fake Ukraine war, fake satellites, and the notion of evil Germany, which they supposedly "liberated." These are presented as the pinnacles of society. These narratives are well presented and most citizens gobble them up with pleasure daily.
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