A movie from 1969: "Marooned"

NASA lies - does that mean all things ball earth are up for debate?
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A movie from 1969: "Marooned"

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Released in 1969. The same year as Apollo 11.

“Marooned” is an “outer space” sci-fi thriller, probably given the seal of approval by NASA.
Elaborately scripted and expensively produced.
With a top notch cast and near perfect special effects.


The concurrent release of this feature film with NASA's "Apollo 11 Lunar Mission" seems like close timing and synchronization between NASA, Hollywood and the Pentagon.
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Re: A movie from 1969: "Marooned"

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Totally, Oppenheimer last year.

Even the style of movies, the last years with all the woke superheroes.

The tony stark - Elon Musk character.

The 80s with the guys in suits winning the world.

The depressed 90s music / grunge.

Rap promoting crime and degeneracy for blak people.

The promotion of fake events like the Titanic, Moon Landing, aliens, country side horror etc etc.

Music and movies are cultures/new truth shapers.
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