Wagging the Moon Doggie

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Re: Wagging the Moon Doggie

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Wednesday 29 January 1986
A room in a legal office.

"Hey Judy, I didn't catch you in the last week or so, were you sick or on a case somewhere? "

"No, I had to do a bit of acting for NASA, no skill required didn't even have to use my old engineering PhD, just put on this sky blue jump suit, do a few interviews, change my accent a bit, then, yesterday, be seen to climb aboard a space rocket with some folk I'd never see before in my life. You know..."

"What happened?"

"Don't you ever watch TV? Well, the rocket exploded and we all died, but of course it's all hush-hush that it was one big hoax and we're all resuming in our day jobs."

"Good to see you back at work anyway, Judy."

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Re: Wagging the Moon Doggie

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What's with the paper mache job?

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"Big Bird" ("Sesame Street"): Another casualty of the "Challenger Disaster"?

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Big Bird moments before getting in the space shuttle "Challenger".

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