9/11 "victim" stories

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9/11 "victim" stories

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Continued from the old forum

LRF has posted a suspiciously recently surfacing video of internal fun at a Jamaican brokerage firm May Davis on the 87th floor of WTC1 which coincided with the surfacing of an article about the firm which only survived in print.

The video shows at 3.33 the only "victim" of the "attacks", Harry Ramos

This is Harry and his brother Jay [?]

From the article...
https://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllan ... underdogs/
[Owen] May spends much of the day talking with Ramos’s wife, Migdalia, or Mickey. He’s known Harry Ramos for a decade (May is partial to hiring trusted associates, including two childhood pals). Ramos was single-handedly responsible for nearly one third of the firm’s revenue.
Seems like some of the firm weren't pulling their weight lol! Not surprising if hardly any of the office bothered to come in [allegedly] before 8.45am..

Here's Mickey cementing the story

Partner of May Davis, Kevin Davis, conveniently worked from a satellite office in Baltimore. Hmmmm

Harry has a very busy memorial page
with this invented story...
July 1, 2016
Harry, I'm here today because of your courage. When I wanted to hide in Bill Laemmel's office It was you and JP who guided us thru pockets of flames off the 87th floor of One World Trade Center. I'm am forever grateful. The Love and laughter you have given us will be cherished forever!!! I know you're flying with the Angels.

Dominique (Picard)Davis
Bill Laemmel did exist in the firm [another late riser lol!]
He died in 2016 according to the report from Colgate University, Hamilton NY
William D Laemmel ’56, March 9, 2016. Beta Theta Pi, ROTC, tennis. US Air Force. He was director of research at WR Lazard and May Davis Group. He is survived by his wife, Gloria; their 4 children; a sister; and 8 grandchildren.
https://news.colgate.edu/scene/2017/11/ ... am-13.html

Picard was hawking around her escape in 2002
https://www.baltimoresun.com/2002/09/04 ... rs-fall-2/

The picture from Nelson Munoz, an old friend, obviously not in the loop, looks genuine
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Re: 9/11 "victim" stories

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On this page, I introduced Cantor Fitzgerald "victim" Neil Wright from England.
https://fakeologist.com/forums/topic/de ... 11/page/7/
He is unusual in having a memorial in a cemetery in England.
picture -


His name appears below that of his grandparents. From that couple, we can deduce that his father was Colin Herbert Wright 1942-2005. He never married Neil's mother nee Mason, referred to as "Mary" immediately after 9/11, he left no estate.

Neil's sister Samantha Debbie Cardoso pens an unusually articulate tribute at the Cantor website [two sons b Essex England 1998, 1999]

City banks would recruit very ordinary school leavers who had a grasp of figures in the area East of London, so his career path is very credible.
We're told he went to America 5 years before 9/11 yet his eldest son was 5 on 9/11. There is no trace of any marriage or birth in England.
His wife/partner Trudi from whom he allegedly divorced and who did NOT have custody of the two children, we are told, married in 2004 and had a son.
Perhaps she too divorced, since the agreeable house in Eltham was sold for GBP1m in 2021, buying a new suburban villa for GBP 545K and opening a wellbeing and beauty salon under her first name in the English East Midlands.

https://find-and-update.company-informa ... ng-history
Interestingly, their elder son, whom Neil allegedly gained custom, is listed as living with Trudi in 2015-6 in Eltham
https://find-and-update.company-informa ... 1/officers
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Re: 9/11 "victim" stories

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The end is very near.
https://www.cbsnews.com/news/former-fbi ... t-network/
homemade genealogy
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hidden. new family.
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Re: 9/11 "victim" stories

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Obviously these Eagleson siblings must have virtual parents....
https://web.archive.org/web/20200101132 ... o-13697026


Both have been at Guilford Savings Bank in CT.
https://alumni.business.uconn.edu/2024/ ... eson-01-2/
Kyle now CEO. He was the one to provide the media story that his dad was in the tower in WTC2 17th floor in 2001
https://alumni.business.uconn.edu/2022/ ... gleson-08/
Brett former VP

The plot line, to prop up the official narrative continued with Brett in 2023 [naughty Saudis]

Bruce didn't look too healthy in the photo above.

Oddly, Timothy, who was in I-RAQ with the army, doesn't mention his brothers or parents in this tale from the deep from 2021. He steers away from the big 9/11 whopper

Timothy Eagleson was born and raised in Middletown, Connecticut. He graduated from Xavier high school in 2000 and attended University of Connecticut, Storrs (UCONN) before he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. Later, he got his first assignment as a Platoon Leader. While in the US Army he attended multiple military training courses and schools to include, US Army Ranger School, Army Airborne School, Air Assault School and, the Pathfinder Course. He also completed two tours of duty in Iraq
Bruce was famous for his practical jokes [hmmm]
Mr. Eagleson, 53, hoped to retire within seven years. He loved golfing and fishing in New Hampshire, and hoped to spend more time there.

A vice president at the Westfield Group, of Los Angeles, Mr. Eagleson, who lived in Connecticut, was at a meeting on the 17th floor of 2 World Trade Center discussing Westfield's plans to run the trade center's retail operations. His oldest son called him after the first plane hit and urged him to leave. Mr. Eagleson said he was evacuating people, but promised to get out.
https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/ ... pid=134403

I'm sure Bruce's wish was granted.
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