German Holocaust Books

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Re: German Holocaust Books

Post by fakeologist »

Zundel reads from Germany Must Perish and Gruesome Harvest.

How many people around the world are familiar with this hidden history?
Why has it been hidden?
Are there any mainstream movies or books or other media produced on this topic?
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Re: German Holocaust Books

Post by antipodean »

Thanks for posting Ab. Finally finished listening to it all (whilst painting the house).
Compelling stuff, the only blips were Nazi technology got man on the moon (we know moon landings didn't happen). Plus Zundel's take on Black American Negro troops could be deemed racist.

What he says needs to be collated with the other mainly untold truths about the 20th Century. To create a seamless chronology for a definitive work, along the lines of Carrol Quigley's Tragedy & Hope.

Here's a couple of links worth looking at. ... mphony.htm
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