Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

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Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

Post by dirtybenny »

I have enjoyed Frank's extensive contributions to the Fakeologist field for many years. His knowledge of physiology and the critical role of salt always rang true and resonated with me. Despite my being "trained" in medicine, I never saw the elephant in the room.

On his advice, I ordered Maldon's Sea salt and began using it copiously on my food. I have enjoyed it but didn't really notice a difference in my body or energy. I remember Frank talking about drinking water with salt and lemon. Given the fact that the manual labor duties of gardening are heavy duty right now, I have started drinking 3-4 large glasses of this each day and skipping coffee. I have never felt better or more energetic. As I have a lot of fresh mint and stevia from the garden, I have added that to this refreshing replenishing drink.

https://caloriebee.com/nutrition/Benefi ... layan-Salt

21 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water & Himalayan Sea Salt
Removes toxins by improving digestion and elimination
Boosts hydration
Reduces muscle cramps and migraines
Improves adrenal and thyroid health
Increases energy
Improves sleep quality
Balances pH
Strengthens bones and teeth
Clears skin
Improves heart and cardiovascular health
Facilitates weight loss
Dissolves uric acid to prevent kidney stones and arthritis
Relieves allergies
Destroys bacteria
Balances hormones to improve sexual health
Reduces inflammation
Boosts immunity
Balances blood sugar levels
Detoxifies liver and cells
Relieves heartburn
Lifts the mood, in moderate amounts

Of course, I trust Frank over this youtube video or the cited post, but I post them here for reference.

So I wanted to post this in gratitude to Frank, Anounceofsalt. Thanks, Frank!!



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Re: Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

Post by Cognitive Dissident »

I came across Frank's work either here or at big-lies, applied his advice in earnest around 2019 and have never looked back.

Lime juice and five grams (a teaspoon) of pink/white salt on a salad puts to shame any factory-produced dressing.

If you're starting out on doing an ounce per day and your taste buds resist, just wrap it in two small cigarette papers, or bread.

[Dr] Leonard Coleman recommends ingesting a teaspoon of salt before bed, presumably to flush out whatever might be remaining in one's stomach and, to facilitate 'cell' repair, said to occur during REM sleep, i.e. to accentuate chloride shift.

I walk around four to six miles per day. My calf muscles hurt often but a teaspoon of salt and ninety minutes later I'm fine again: no synthetic painkillers required.

I defecate less often now and when I do it's one-and-done and, effortless.

Notice also that sodium chloride began to be defamed at the same time that sodium fluoride began to be promoted
(sodium chloride inhibits uptake of sodium fluoride).

I also have a bigger penis now. Thank you, Frank.
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Re: Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

Post by Nesrality »

Excellent article... First book I read about this subject was Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. 'You are not sick, you are thirsty. I call him Dr. Batman only. More easy to remember that... :lol:

Cognitive Dissident: Your last sentence made me LOL.. You made my day with that comment... :lol:

A review of his book here: https://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-a ... hirsty.pdf

For the last 30 years I have practiced his advice. I drink at least 4 liter water a day. I don't know if THAT, or other things I eat/do is the reason for my great physical health at my age (64), but I never have to use any pharmacy or prescription drug, except for temporary insomnia pills, never need any doctors, hospitals, etc...

After I cut of all ties with religion, my former church and got divorced, I moved from Norway to the Philippines. Lived a pretty wild life, including almost daily heavy drinking
But I always practiced hydration AND salt intake, when I was drinking... So I never had any hangover problem. Many of my friends and family was sure I was an alcoholic. And I guess my lifestyle those years would had made me that, if it was not for my water and salt intake... I am still pondering about that. And my temporary conclusion is that dehydration have something to do with the so called alcoholism. People drink heavily, wake up the day after with a terrible hangover, caused by dehydration and THINK they need a beer or a glass vodka to "Cure" it. This become a habit, and they don't realize their body screaming for WATER, not alcohol. I did not have that problem, and never felt the need or thirst for alcohol in the morning. Just for water. BUT, I could feel that my heavy drinking deteriorated my body to much, so I decided to stop it. I can still have a case of beer in my house, but are note even tempted to drink it. So much for my alcoholism... :P
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Re: Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

Post by Cognitive Dissident »

....they don't realize their body screaming for WATER...
Actually it's screaming for saline solution.

It's called solution for a reason, in my quirky opinion.

Frank once said to add salt to your beer. I did so and it erupted in a torrent of foam.

Try it yourself, just not near your laptop.

Aussie humour.
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Re: Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

Post by anounceofsaltperday »

One and all,

I have enjoyed reading and watching these powerful testimonials. I can certainly attest to the end of "hangovers" since I started the lemon juice and salt spritzer.

One can only continued to be puzzled by the determination of "World Action Against Salt Health" , now called "World Action on Salt, Sugar and Health" https://www.worldactiononsalt.com/ . What makes people wake up one day and say to themselves "I am gonna make salt illegal !" ? Well let me answer my own question... it is because they don't like "Salt Health".
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Re: Lemon, salt, water and rejuvenation.....thanks, Frank

Post by Cognitive Dissident »

Being contrarian by nature I searched 'salt kills', like you do.

There's a website with the exact name, hosted by a Mary Moore (((of course!))).


The only book that I know of that advocates for salt that I haven't read because Marcus Allen said not to read books anymore:

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/305 ... e-salt-fix

Has anyone noticed that at high doses you can feel your teeth and, that, in a quiet moment you can hear your insides percolate?

My girlfriend also tells me [redacted].

I love her honesty.

I also SPRING out of bed, ravenous, and whatever I eat has to be salty or I'm not okay to be around.

I wasn't joking about how far I walk daily, by the way.

Impossible without salt.

None of my family listen to me; and they are all ill.

Or dead, so there's that.

Beaners have a salt god:

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