Christina Aguilera by MrE

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Christina Aguilera by MrE

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"If someone is demonically possessed, you could use the word alien and demon interchangeably." MrE at 15:25.

"It's demonically possessed by the AI spirit." MrE at 18:50

This is my model as well. Various traumas or rituals open one up to abandonment/sacrifice of soul and open one up to the possibility of demonic possession. These include tattooing/blood ritual, pop music, television/hypnosis, black magic, sexual trauma, and physical abuse. The demons/dark energy/predator energy use AI and technology as pathways to access physical bodies. They then act as organic portals within the realm for the AI , to which they are entrained. This is similar to how one would use an avatar to interact in the metaverse....this is how and why they act in lockstep unison within this realm.

The hive...the enemy.

THEY are not the same as you and THEY live.

MrE is on target in another excellent presentation.

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