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Post by fakeologist »

If you're on this board, please provide a brief bio of your fakeologist experience. :roll:
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Re: Intros

Post by fakeologist »

Welcome Peter S.!
Peter also made a generous monthly donation commitment.

My pleasure, Ab -- thank YOU!! It took me long enough to do this (I've lurked at for many months, and have been addicted to the podcasts since March).
By the way, I heard you joke on a recent audio chat that you were considered a "hero" as a truck driver. But you actually ARE a hero for your groundbreaking and unduplicated efforts as the Fakeologist, doing amazingly thorough and transparent work, spending untold time and money, and going against every counter-intel technique the Leviathan can muster (short of giving up the game and showing its face). You would probably just attribute it to stubbornness, ab irato; but you're a hero to all of us struggling to build a new internal model of reality, having lost most of our old illusions, and working on losing those that remain.

You ask on the website for my 9/11 story. When it happened, I was in the second year of getting a PhD in music at UC Berkeley (yes, I was a lifelong leftist in 2001; it's really only this year that I feel completely free of the left-right paradigm). The only thing I doubted about the official narrative at the time was the obvious bait and switch of accusing Iraq, which I already knew was a war target of the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Perle/Wolfowitz  administration (from reading the New Yorker and listening to left-wing radio -- KPFA and the Pacifica network, my main news sources at the time). Although I looked into various alternative explanations for the event over the subsequent years, it wasn't really until 2015, when I heard (again on KPFA, surprisingly enough, since its programming is generally quite ideologically unified) Christopher Bollyn interviewed on Bonnie Faulkner's show, Guns and Butter (which was later dropped by Pacifica, although it may be back on now). It was this interview that opened the floodgates for me, and I entered the "inflation" stage of awakening, in which I proselytized to everyone I knew at a fever pitch, and lost some friends and even broke family ties -- you may have heard that one before.

Of course, Bollyn's work focuses on detailing the structure of the coverup, and is generally thought to be in opposition to Simon Shack's work, although there is actually little in Bollyn's books that is incompatible with a no-planes model, and I still consider his research invaluable as a piece of the puzzle. Since 2015 I've been obsessed with gathering and vetting of insights into the meta-deception that constitutes modern life -- at least.

In addition to being a musician, I'm a software developer (which I just got into a few years ago, after a career teaching music -- I'm 53), and I'm finally starting to think seriously on an idea I first had decades ago (early 2001, in fact), to build an online service for crowd-sourcing and consolidating the best arguments on multiple sides of issues (with source citations), in ways that correspond as closely point-for-point as possible, juxtaposing as full as possible a range of competing claims being made, and their logical relationships, so that more comprehensive perspectives on the issues might be reached. I'm not sure it would be feasible just as I'm describing it, but I'm trying to work out what might work in this regard; you can see why your own work inspires me so much: the sole goal of honest inquiry is my ideal, as well.

I just signed up on Fakeotube with username "taburasa" -- may I have that username on, as well? I'll try to sign up as taburasa on the discord server, too.

Thanks again!

Also, I discovered either through a reference by JLB or Piece of Mindful -- not sure which -- last September, or so. -P

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Re: Intros

Post by numeraire »

My Fakeologist History:
I am new to Fakeologist and was brought to Fakeologist by Spacebusters. I have been a Coincidence Hypothesis Skeptic for many years and discovered some demonstrable hoaxes on my own, which further opened my mind and expanded my worldview.

My 9/11 Story:
Zeitgeist, Loose Change and other 9/11 "Truth" videos raised the issue of an "inside job", aka, psyop, of which I was convinced when I watched the appended videos narrated by Bill Cooper who clearly, simply explained in a live, real-time, all-day-long broadcast as the 9/11 WTC Towers destruction happened, the most essential, relevant facts that proved that 9/11 was a hoax, based on a preponderance of evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt.
The staged 9/11 event fit the same, exact, Hegelian Dialectic pattern of the JFK assassination event, RFK assassination event, Marilyn Monroe murder event, Dorothy Kilgallen murder event, 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor attack event, et cetera. One might reasonably infer from these events that all official human history is a series of psychological operations to dupe, control and exploit the people.

TRUTH TALK NEWS | Sep 29, 2012
William Cooper -- 9/11 as it happened Hour 1 [1:00:10]
June 3, 2011
FACT - September 11th 2001 was the day they planned to make a hit on William Cooper. This broadcast live is what delayed the GOV'T hit till November 5th 2001. ... ollection/
Part 5 – Episodes 1400 through 1926 – Complete Bill Cooper MP3 Collection
Tape# Date Aired Title
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #1
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #2
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #3
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #4
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #5
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #6
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #7
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #8
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #9
1911 11-Sep-01 New York 911 Attack #10
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Re: Intros

Post by tomgaby »

Hi Tim,

It was a real pleasure speaking with you on your show last night! My wife Gaby and my 10-year old son Andre enjoyed it as well. 😊

As I mentioned, my wife and I woke up to the covid scam in September of 2020. We saw a video of a protest in England led by David Icke that motivated us to finally do some research and not blindly follow the mainstream (yes, we now understand Icke is controlled op but he provided us with some valuable info at the time, as all CO's do before they lead you off into the bushes). We've never been political in any way, but at that point we went down some conspiracy rabbit holes and got caught up in the Trump/Q anon mania, not understanding at the time it was a creation of Intel. In addition, I looked into conspiracies I'd always dismissed, such as the moon landing being faked and the earth being flat. Looking into flat earth, I came upon Eric Dubay's web site. I decided to click on a section of his site in which people were discussing various issues. One of the threads was titled "fake events". I was intrigued, so I clicked on it, read some comments about shootings like Sandy Hook being faked (which I'd heard before, but dismissed it as being "too out there"), and one commenter happened to mention "hey guys, if you want to read someone who has done some good work researching fake events, check out Miles Mathis", and he provided a link. I took the link, saw Miles' history papers, read his long one on the Tate/Manson fake, and was hooked. I proceeded to read about 500 of his papers over the next 9 months, waking up from the Matrix and feeling more free and alive than ever before. In that time I found out about a web site his fans use to comment on called Cutting Through the Fog. After a few months of reading comments there someone posted Omar's paper on David E. Martin (his Telegram channel at that time was called Infinite Papers, as I'm sure you know), and that paper blew me away because I hadn't seen Miles or CTTF expose current CO's like Martin, Mikovitz, Yeadon, etc. So that was an even further awakening to the world we live in, seeing how many supposed "leaders" in the "truther community" are simply Intel agents as well. I asked someone on CTTF how I can read more of Omar's papers and they provided a link/invite to his Telegram channel, where my wife and I have learned even more. From there I saw a link to your Fakeologist site. My wife and I watched your video exposing Rhianna the other night and were blown away, as well as a few of your JFK videos. I know we'll spend many hours looking at what you've put together. You've done a great job!

My 9/11 story is simply that I had heard about it being an "inside job" for years, but dismissed it again as being "too far out there". However, I've never really trusted the mainstream or the news, so finally one day about 4 years ago I decided to watch some YouTube videos on the event. As a result of those videos my perception of it changed entirely. Of course, I was watching the controlled op version of events. As Miles would say, "they don't mind if you believe the mainstream version of events (door number 1), or the alternative media's version, door number 2 (i.e., it was an inside job), as long you believe it really happened. They don't want you discovering door number 3, that the entire event was faked. But that knowledge of 9/11 being completely faked didn't come to me until I watched Simon Shacke's September Clues, as well as an excellent video called "9/11 Fraud" that Darkside posted on his Telegram channel. Until watching those two videos I wasn't able to put all the pieces together.

By the way, you asked me on the call if I knew of the paper in which Miles references the number of Intel agents and I mentioned that he said the number was about 6 million, although I don't remember the exact paper he wrote that in. However, here's a link to his most recent paper in which he writes: "We have seen that there are literally millions of Intelligence agents and assets working for the various alphabet agencies, in and out of military, and that they have huge budgets to do whatever is necessary to destabilize us domestically. They do this mainly by creating fear via an endless line of fake events."

(the paper is called "More Proof This is a Planned Fail of the Left", just published yesterday)

Tim, thanks so much for what you're doing to help wake people up from the Matrix, and thanks again for speaking with my family and I last night. It was a true honor!

Stay well, and keep up the good fight. You are making a difference, as are others like you such as Darkside and Miles,

Tom, Gaby, and Andre
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Re: Intros

Post by TableFat »

Hi, I cut my teeth in the world of PSYOPS on the form.
somehow I stumbled into Ab's Blog about 5 years ago when I stumbled into
9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and lets not forget my fave: Dinosaurs.
I somehow managed to find this site. I bounced from Youtube, Google Groups,
and Fakologist as my mind was blown by the depth of the deceptions.

I lost track of Ab's work as the Wild West of Youtube was feeding PSYOP after
PSYOP. I spent time on minutia like Planes or No Planes, and the shape of the earth.
I reached a point of saturation. Burned out on endless rabbit holes I remembered
the quality of the research done on Fakeologist and came running back.

I wish to sharpen my research skills because of the quality
of investigations by the crew here at Fakeologist.

I have a tiny 9/11 connection I'd like to put out. I worked in Rockville, MD at
Filetek, Inc. which had a CEO who happened to be David Beamer, the father
off Todd Beamer. David left the company shortly before 9/11. Filtek had an
office in one of the Twin Towers that was unoccupied at the time of the attack.
Lucky them. Bear Sterns was a major client of ours. Dunno if this means anything.

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Re: Intros

Post by Kanley Stubrick »

Books of influence:
Catch 22
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Married a Canadian. Peace broke out when I left N. Ireland.
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Re: Intros

Post by K0ng3reroftheW0rld »

Hi everyone :D
I found this place from Septemberclues, though I never felt the need to join as I was overwhelmed by the stuff there and another forum which seems to have disappeared letsrollforums (anyone know what happened?) and not thought I'd have much to add as there's so much to wade through.

Hopefully I will make some interesting posts here and join the discussion, as I've always been more of a browser, trying to put things together from what others have researched and posted.

Anyways, thanks for creating this place to discuss what can't be elsewhere
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Re: Intros

Post by Nesrality »

Hi to all...
I'm happy I come across Fakeologist last week. I'm a 64 y.o Norwegian man, but have lived in the Philippines since 2000. I was born and raised a Cristian, but in 1998 I figured out how fake it was, and my journey began by researching the origin of it. I think I have been more or less obsessed by finding the truth about almost everything on this planet, and have been down in most rabbit holes... ;) After a friend introduced me to Miles Mathis, I have been up from the majority of those rabbit holes, and left a lot of old belief in various subject.

For some years lately, I slacked down my research and concentrated on my second hobby, composing/remixing music. After doing literally thousand of tracks on mostly classical music, ... r=-created

I felt it was time to return more or less full time research again.

The Origin of Religion is still my main interest, but also those fake events of this time. My goal is to do whatever I can to wake up people in my own small community, in a small village (barangay) up in the Mountain. But man, that is HARD ! Why? Well, mostly because of corruption. I don't mean in the government only, but among the majority of the people. The political system here is based on Paying the people to vote for them. And they seems to be unaware of the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That what they are paid, the politicians take back by higher the price of everything. :cry:

Well, enough about that.

I have been banned on facebook and youtube, and frozen out of other forum because of my exposure of religions and current fakery, so there is not many places (forums) left for me... :lol:

But the way I see it is expressed in this sentence by my grandfather: " Something have to be bad for something to be good...." So I live in peace by that. There is bad in the good, and good in the bad, so to speak. Balance is the key. I learn this from nature also...

So all in all, I have a wonderful life here, with a likeminded family..

Sheers to all!
My Reality is Nesrality... :D
My Music: ... reated&qs=
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Re: Intros

Post by Sunshineuk »

Hello all

- Awake since about 2010

Started researching 9-11 back when youtube was a treasure trove of lectures, documentaries and alternative history. I just always loved to learn would listen to 4 hour lectures and take notes (such a dork) Listened to everything : AIDS scam, fake moon landings, Kennedy assasinations, underground cities, clones, vaccine injuries, Hollywood eyes wide shut whistleblowers, elite blood sacrifices, Mk Ultra, project paperclip, cancer cures, free energy, ... things started getting a little hairy as the natural healers started being suicided, black goo, supersoldiers, nano particles, luciferian bloodlines.... things stopped being just entertainment with fake shootings, crisis actors, Fukushima and pizzagate . Realised it was bad, really bad with the great youtube purges 2018-2019, Sophia Smallstorm and the Sandy Hook (honeyntrap?) . And more independents dying. Then came Corona and realized the sheer magnitude of what is being rolled out.

They tried to warn us : Bill Cooper, Alan Watt, Kary Mullis... and all the other heros of sanity.
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Re: Intros

Post by nickw »

Hi Ab 'angry man' tho' I think it's iratus homo; and the few people I,ve come across already, Napoleon, Rachel, x ...

as anyone vaguely sensible of the world we,re living in will say, I,m glad to be here in/on the forum, the term having severalwider meanings like: assembly, market place, convention, gathering, seminar... all of which might apply to different entrants in different ways.

I'm, a retiree living in the UK, who spent most of my life in education, who always had some basic sense. Which meant I found it hard to stay in education because of the underlying pattern, which took me over thirty years to even begin to get a grip on what it comprised. The bs sums it up.

I had what's called an interesting life.taken from UK to central Africa in the fifties and where I grew up: A stranger in a very strange land I can say. I was lucky/unlucky; my dad couldn,t settle at anything, I had an interupted education- and that influenced me in that I wanted to learn stuff but school being interupted meant I became more independent than the average kid, to cope with moving to new schools but my basic desire to learn nevr got squashed as it does/did evn then for the mass. I had some books but schools weren't well resourced so I spent a lot of time out in the bush 'bundu' and guess I looked, noticed and learnt to think/assess for myself. The political setup meant there were many, many anomalies for me to be struck by, contrast living there ahainst in anywhere approaching a 'natural society' etc... but as it turned out THAT POINT would have been harder to notice if I'd stayed in the UK and gone to a regular school and lived in a suburb in say, Colchester. I would have been like almost everyone else of My Generation, whether they were there or here, in the western world. So, my opinion is it was that interrupted schooling that was crucial.

So I guess I did quite well, considering all that, to get into teaching as Mrs Thatcher was wreaking havoc. But like my dad I couldn't settle: I didn't follow the approved path in the hierarchy and again it's lucky/unlucky.

Coming closer to why I'm here, I suppose gradually ( like a ladder) learnt how to find out the true stuff. This basic underlying sense gave me a way of not accepting things at face value. If I was told some new fad was a good idea (and there were many, many of them) I reserved judgement and sometimes lied to my superiors because I knew there was no alternative, the power structure being what it was. I coudnt say This is a bs idea and I.m not following your direction: I'd pretend and pretty soon another fad came along ... so I trod water personally swimming in this setting, like the more sensible kids who still instinctively retained some survival sense themselves.

One thing I took Economics as an A level, so by 2008 I had some knowledge and began to investigate the system more. I'd just gone along quietly surviving at the edge, but with the internet I gradually (again) began to realise how extensive the system actually was working deliberately to keep things hidden. There seemed to be a level down- then several, as I progressed like Alice falling down and down- of people ='facilitators' , whose sole purpose was mis-direction, mis-education, mis-leading, so that without a basic sense of whats's true I spose you'd call it, I would have given up saying it's just too bloody complex to figure out. That was a breakthrough moment.

It was like a puzzle, a game, where there's an actively engaged opponent, actually a whole bunch of them, who's moving stuff when you're not looking and who were deeply bound together by/with allegiences I couldn't fathom at the time.

I saw that the real situation wasn't just very complex- it was being deliberately manipulated to make it inaccessible to anyone who wan't in/on this Team. I then started another leg of my journey. Here I see like-minds. BUT of course, we're infiltrated here because Our Opponent as an entity, will be fishing for any who have broken thru to the other side. That's obvious, and a given (The Man Who Was Thursday). and seeking to neutralise them by any devious means possible- and he/she/they are already bound by allegiences which us random sods can't have just like that as Tommy Cooper said.

The flatfact that we are honest & true mostly is as much our weakness as our strength: We're more vulnerable because we HAVE some humanity left

We do what we can while we still can: Despite being damaged by all that insanity which we're filled with unavoidably: trotz Schwierigkeiten zu kämpfen
Keep on trying despite the difficulties

I have places/sites I'd recommend but I have learnt that people need to be on the road already. They're not helped by being told something before they are ready.

I'm like in a Canterbury Tale, or a mixture of Don Quixote (the insane madman) with his faithful sidekick Sancho ( the sensible one) and trapped here inside one of those Arabian Nights, a story within a story, within a story and so on... with an evil magician hovering just there, waiting to destroy me!

so that's my intro guys

Cheers Ab! U kno I've supported you for a while now without knowing what good stuff is (temporarily perhaps) available here. My reward is the sense of finding a decent hostelry ... good food, companions on their similar road, a chance to draw breath & get renewed strength for the struggle ahead
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