The Unabomber

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The Unabomber

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Was the Unabomber a method of introducing some futurist thinking into the MSM under cover of the newsworthy "bombing" and the "manifesto". ... s-reading/

How did Kaczynski choose the recipients of his mailings [reminds me of those VHS tapes which used to come out of Afghanistan from "Osama bin Laden"....

A brief search found a couple of photos of his "victims".

Hand of Charles Epstein, geneticist d 2011
Image ... eneticist)

David Gelernter, general polymath, preferring the gloved hand method


I'll look for photos of other 'victims of Ted' in due course.
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Re: The Unabomber

Post by rachel »

I don't know anything about the Unabomber other than the name, and I was interested to see how many pictures there were of Charles Epstein's hand. I found two with him doing the glasses touching pose clearly taken seconds apart.

But more interestingly, I saw a thumbnail with text linking the Unabomber to Prince Philip, and I had to watch that. I've watched the first part and thought I'd upload to Faketube and add it here.

The Unabomber: Prince Philips Green Terror part 1

The Unabomber: Prince Philips Green Terror part 2
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