Recalling "9/11 Eyewitness" by Rick Siegel

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Recalling "9/11 Eyewitness" by Rick Siegel

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I am posting this link in the hope that Misom will include it in her sources, per documentation of the "9/11 truth movement" and/or "controlled oppositions". ... nks-1.html

I corresponded some with Rick Siegel and met him once in DC at an event; posted frequently at the site he set up for "no planers" and "TV fakery" advocates.
I still have a copy of his festival award-winning "9/11 Eyewitness" amateur videos ostensibly captured from across the river in Hoboken, N.J.

His site was a sanctuary and refuge, and free discussion / debate zone for "no planers", when they were kicked off other sites.

Quite a few were there: Haupt, Grable, killtown, ghengis, fred; but most important of all: Gerard Holmgren.
He was the main reason I spent so much time at that site.
Ultimately, he fell out with Grable; possibly over the "Jumpers" which he believed were completely faked.
Others rushed to defend Grable including Jim Fetzer I think), and Holmgren quit in disgust, after posting a rather bitter and personally outraged final message.

I also have a DVD of Rick Siegel's later released "9/11 Raw"; which is his unedited but somewhat boring raw footage, form which is first award-winning documentary was originally selected.
It seems likely that they used Hollywood-style smoke machines to obscure the view.
But from these videos (supposed to have been captured from a dock across the river in Hoboken) the demolition seems rather mundane.

I searched and searched cluesforum for any forensic review of these "eyewitness" images, but was unable to find anything other than one or two derisive references to Siegel by name.
Perhaps Misom can find something relevant over there.

The word was that, like Jimmy Walter before him, Siegel was threatened; and so moved to Spain for his personal safety.
Jimmy Walter, who had donated quite a lot of money to the "no planers" and truthers in general, fled this country for Europe in fear for his life.
At least, that is what was reported.
Ask him. He will tell you.
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