Samsung fake moon photos

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Samsung fake moon photos

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Samsung 'enhances' bad moon photos...
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Re: Samsung fake moon photos

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YouCanCallMeAl wrote: Wed Mar 15, 2023 3:50 am Samsung is using AI/ML (neural network trained on 100s of images of the moon) to recover/add the texture of the moon on your moon pictures, and while some think that's your camera's capability, it's actually not. And it's not sharpening, it's not adding detail from multiple frames because in this experiment, all the frames contain the same amount of detail. None of the frames have the craters etc. because they're intentionally blurred, yet the camera somehow miraculously knows that they are there. And don't even get me started on the motion interpolation on their "super slow-mo", maybe that's another post in the future..
The moon pictures from Samsung are fake. Samsung's marketing is deceptive.

yet the camera somehow MIRACULOUSLY knows that they are there

I appreciate the work this individual has done to demonstrate the fake moon images. My question is why would said individual then believe known deceptive organization as to their use of AI/SI and its nature.

We are in a spiritual war with a brutal skillful enemy, ( with its fronts of companies, governments, media, entertainment complexes, medicine,etc) that is using technology as its gateway to deceive, attack, and entrap us. They want your thinking between given bookends.
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