The Rolling Stones

All info related to the new biggest hoax of our time.
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The Rolling Stones

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MICK JAGGER WAS sitting at home last month monitoring the coronavirus pandemic when he was struck with an idea for a new song. He was ruminating over the past year on both a personal and global level, noting that while the world remains gripped by the pandemic, a return to pre-pandemic life is inching forward. The result: “Eazy Sleazy,” a one-off track with Dave Grohl that notes the tragedies, absurdities, conspiracy theories, and hopefulness Jagger’s observed over the past year.

“Shooting the vaccine/Bill Gates is in my bloodstream/It’s mind control,” Jagger sings on the track in a verse he calls “a piss-take on conspiracy theories.” “The Earth is flat and cold/It’s never warming up/The arctics turned to slush/The second coming’s late/There’s aliens in the deep state.” Elsewhere, though, the Rolling Stones frontman exudes optimism for another Roaring Twenties. “Everything’s gonna get really freaky,” Jagger sings. “It’s gonna be a garden of earthly delights.”

After writing the music for the muscular, melodic song, Jagger sent the demo off to Grohl, who he says began working on it the next day. “It’s hard to put into words what recording this song with Sir Mick means to me,” Grohl tells Rolling Stone. “It’s beyond a dream come true.” The duo sent parts to each other back and forth over the past month, with Jagger on vocals and guitar and Grohl handling guitar, drums, and bass.

Why did you decide to write about conspiracy theories?
It just seems to be that even people you know that are relatively sensible about a lot of things have one thing that they just don’t kind of get. I have several friends and relations and they go off on these things that just doesn’t… They’re just irrational. Of course, there’s no point in speaking to people about it. They don’t get it. They got what they believe in and they believe in that. And it doesn’t matter what you say, they’re gonna believe in it. And rational thought doesn’t work.

Even a country like France that prided themselves in the 18th Century on rationality is the most anti-vaccine country in Western democracy. It’s not as if [vaccines] are a new thing. When I was a child, which was a really long time ago, people would die from polio. They would just not be there the next day. And that’s been eradicated through vaccines. These poor children were either dead or crippled, and I had lots of friends like that. Would you rather have a vaccine if you had a child or would you rather their legs not work? You can’t argue with these people. So that’s how I got to the conspiracy theories; through the anti-vaxxers. Even I didn’t mention it in that verse; I probably should’ve though [since] I just went off on it. [Laughs] ... s-1154825/

How did the song came together?
I wrote the lyrics really quickly: Just the pandemic and hopefully coming out of the pandemic; the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel chorus. It sounded really good and I thought, “You gotta put it out now because it’s not gonna be any good in three or six months.” I said, “I’d love to do it with someone really great and is working from home.” I knew Dave and [Foo Fighters] just put out an album so I knew he got that out of the way. I phoned Dave up and said, “Dave, would you be interested?” He said [puts on American accent], “Yeah, I’m really bored!” “You just put an album out.” “I’m really bored! I want to do it. I want to work!” I said, “Fine, I’ll send you the song.” It was all done quite quickly. Dave likes it ’cause it rocks hard. I like to rock hard, too, so it feels good in that way.

The song looks towards what Jagger calls the "light at the end of the tunnel in a lot of countries." Jagger told Rolling Stone, "I could see that light, so I thought I'd write a song about all the things that you've experienced in lockdown and now hopefully this is going to be the beginning of a bit more freedom."

I have written in the past about the pervasive programming of the "light at the end of the tunnel" mantra. My model this is programming for the afterlife deception.





Is this what it sounds like when these entities actually try to come up with their own music? at age 79?

Jagger was honoured with a knighthood for services to popular music in the Queen's 2002 Birthday Honours,[253] and on 12 December 2003 he received the accolade from The Prince of Wales.[254] Jagger's father and daughters Karis and Elizabeth were present.[244] Jagger stated that although the award did not have significant meaning for him, he was "touched" by the significance that it held for his father, saying that his father "was very proud".[255][244] In 1989, Jagger was inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside the other Stones, including Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood as well as Brian Jones and Ian Stewart (posthumously).[256] In November 2004, the Rolling Stones were among the inaugural inductees into the UK Music Hall of Fame.[257]

In 2014, the Jaggermeryx naida ("Jagger's water nymph"), a 19-million-year-old species of 'long-legged pig', was named after Jagger. Jaw fragments of the long-extinct anthracotheres were discovered in Egypt. The trilobite species Aegrotocatellus jaggeri was also named after Jagger.[258] On Jagger's 75th birthday, scientists named seven fossil stoneflies after present and former members of the band. Two species, Petroperla mickjaggeri and Lapisperla keithrichardsi, were placed within a new family Petroperlidae. The new family was named in honour of the Rolling Stones, derived from the Greek "petra" that stands for "stone". The scientists referred to the fossils as "Rolling Stoneflies".[259]

and....if you still believe this nonsense after that story, get a Chat GPT account.
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Re: The Rolling Stones

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Roll out the old polio trope. They've really got nothing, have they?

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Re: The Rolling Stones

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My apologies for going slightly off topic but this is comedy gold, sometimes we just have to laugh....

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Re: The Rolling Stones

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the 80s is what holds all this together ,nothing from that decade is off topic

and your bumper is cracking marfer
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