George Floyd background

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George Floyd background

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Just posting here for hindsight reference.

George Floyd was a porn star and also a member of a gang.

I have obtained leaked videos that shows George Floyd was an adult entertainer in the adult entertainment business, as well as an underground rapper in the group called 'Young Risk Takers", which was rapped about gang activities.

You should also check out the current riots going and the two police officers that where arrested for excessive use of force in Atlanta, on two high school students, check it out on the link below.👇👇👇

George Floyd protest : officer arrested for excessive force in Atlanta.

George Floyd`s` death has caused riots to erupt across the United states. He died in Minneapolis after being detained by a Minneapolis police officer. George Floyd`s death has caused massive speculation, so i decided to dig into it more and do some research, so that i can put u all up to date on the new and trending developments, so please stay tuned cos more and more stories and developments are coming.

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