"Sovereign" / "Citizen" in the courtroom theater.

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"Sovereign" / "Citizen" in the courtroom theater.

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... So we have heard some deep discussion of the "sovereign" ("citizen"?) verbiage as a method to counter the tyranny in court.

And we have also heard that this milieu is a major "honey pot" for FBI / police infiltration, "domestic terrorist" surveillance operations, set-ups and frame-ups, etc.
But that in itself should never dismiss or invalidate the importance of the underlying arguments with respect to either principle or practicality.

Is there a resource or cadre ("lawyers") that could effectively weapon-ize this paradigm / conceptual framework?
That's all I'm asking for.
Some principled debate, and a cold, hard, ruthless decision on the strategic "realism" of some cleverly deployed verbal fakery.

Can one indeed "represent" oneself in either civil or criminal court (or administrative) as "the living man".
And completely dissolve the all caps "NAME" on the COLB / birth certification?

Does the gold fringe on the flag mean anything special?






His name is Ernie Tertelgte if you want to look up more of "The Living Man".

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Re: "Sovereign" / "Citizen" in the courtroom theater.

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