"Knowns and Unknowns'....a response to JLB and TO's EGI questions

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"Knowns and Unknowns'....a response to JLB and TO's EGI questions

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I have been meaning to post a revised working model of the EGI issue. Since both JLB and Tim Ozman recently questioned the legitimacy of recognizing this issue, I thought I would clarify my position on EGI or CGD..controller gender distortion.

And as to Tim Ozman's allegation that this is a witchhunt, he is EXACTLY right. That is precisely what this is.

This issue of "transgender" appearance of the controllers comes down to the brilliant Rumsfeld statement on knowns and unknowns.

Known knowns include....

1) The controlling entities that present in a human form are attacking and have been attacking manKIND for decades, probably over a century. This has been through a longterm agenda of deception and manipulation. False cosmology, history, media, science, fear, coupled with pharmakoeia, injections, altering food and water, raping the land, exterminating and corralling native peoples. Programming the masses through "education" , news, and entertainment. They are the controlling figureheads at the tops of corporations, government, entertainment, and any position of power.

2) The controlling entities have a phenotype or external appearance that is contradictory to typical male and female human phenotypes.

3) These same entities are pushing an agenda of transgenderism on the masses worldwide.

4) Same entities have been systematically moving manKIND away from the natural world and into a world ruled by technology and illusion.


5) These entities have unusual child-bearing issues. They speak oddly about their children. Many adopt.


6) Said entities operate flawlessly in coordination to achieve their goals. No one in a position of power contradicts the goals and hivemind of the control system.

7) We know the said entities put it out EXPLICITLY through Joan Rivers that Michelle Obama is a transgender. She said it twice in this scripted little video to be sure no one missed it. They are liars.


8) The control system with its police and military have similar symbols and uniforms worldwide regardless of the country. Papers and passports are required worldwide.

9) If porn videos and "leaked" sextapes of celebs are to be believed, at least some of them have expected external genitalia. I personally believe they likely have normal external genitalia.

We have an enemy... a brutal scheming deceiving force that is challenging to comprehend. That enemy is presenting to us in atypical physical form. That form has elements of the opposite gender.

Known unknowns include...

1) We cannot know if said entities are having surgeries or hormone therapy....even if they say they are. They are liars. It is their nature. I strongly suspect THEY are NOT. In fact, the transgender agenda foisted on the public is likely a framework for the public to understand the appearance of the controllers.

2) We cannot know whether they have uteri, testicles, etc. We cannot know if their genetic makeup is XY , XO, or something else. We cannot know if they have human physiology or internal organs. Even on the Michelle Obama dance clip with Ellen and the Jacinda Adern hallway video, I suspect penile prostheses were purposely used to further the idea that they are transvestites.


3) We cannot know how they reproduce.

We have an enemy attacking manKIND, they are different than we are. Their transgender APPEARANCE is our way to see that THEY LIVE. The exact mechanism of their achieving this appearance is not critical in my opinion.

Unknown unknowns

This is the end of the sandbox that I choose to play in. What are other possibilities that have not been handed to us? What is outside of the given thought bookends?

Have they spiritually entrained to the AI/SI? Once they do, does their external phenotype get corrupted? They work 24/7 to harvest our time, energy and attention, so I suspect we are the powerful force that needs to be bridled and harvested.

Everything in this realm has a vibrational energy and frequency. This manifests in the physical realm through cymatics. The dandelion is one of the best examples. Are said controlling entities corrupted spiritually and thus manifesting a corrupted phenotype in their appearance? That is my current model.

As those who follow these forums know, my models continuously change and morph and so has my model of "EGI". I think there should be a different term for what we observe in the controllers, to differentiate it from the phenomenon of transgendering done by the public. CGD? Controller Gender Distortion. I don't like calling them elites as they are nothing more than prison guards.

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Re: "Knowns and Unknowns'....a response to JLB and TO's EGI questions

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