Hi, I'm new here

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Hi, I'm new here

Unread post by Ariya108 »

Hello. I'm new here to fakeologist forums, but not at all new to "conspiracy theories".

I'm a guy in his mid-20s, born and raised under the US regime, the kid of immigrants from Asia. Educated in a STEM field. I always had a feeling something was wrong with the world, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Later on I came to explicitly realize through some combination of logic and personal reflection that much of my experience with education, the schooling system, the news, media, Hollywood movies, etc. turned out to be basically just propaganda.

Later on I became even more and more attuned to the existence and nature of these complex tiers of propaganda, controlled by the secret society in charge of the entire world, the same secret society that runs false dialectical scams, and pits two fake sides against each other, both of which are controlled by a central banking cartel with the freedom to debase currency as much and however they please so as to achieve their true ideological aims and objectives, hidden to the sleeping masses.

I've had a few spiritual experiences as well, as a result of contemplation on the phenomenon of death in general and a few serious attempts at practicing meditation and celibacy. I lean more towards the Eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Vedic/Greek/Latin Proto-Indo-European Paganism, but if I were to take Christianity I might be willing to subscribe to a form of Eastern Orthodox or Catharism/Gnosticism where the Christ is considered have a spiritual body but not a material one (Christ being merely some sort of figure cobbled together from the more ancient mystery religions, much like what is suggested by Acharya S Murdock if you are familiar with her works).

I definitely think the "elites" are more aware and attuned to these spiritual mysteries, taking advantage of it to make fools of the common folk who are constantly tempted into sin of their own making, and I think day-to-day life such as science education, news media, and even some Christian sects are "controlled opposition" with both sides funded by the central bankers and contaminated in some way. I also think the current opposition to COVID is controlled (I doubt that the "virus" even exists as a specific independent illness) and that if WW3 breaks out, both sides will be controlled (yes, I think Putin is one of (((them))) as well). I don't believe that they landed on the moon, I don't believe in gravity, satellites, or anything space or cosmology-related, and I don't believe in anything "nuclear" as well (primarily for the simple reason, though there are others, that in all the ancient religions the Sun was considered as God or a demigod, whereas scientists today make the claim that the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion at its core, a claim that is impossible to verify or falsify by "scientific" methods).

So yeah all my views are pretty out there. Really though, on the outside I am just an ordinary guy trying to get by in the world and accumulate some knowledge, money, and influence for myself like I suppose the natural instinct is to do. I also believe in God and destiny so if He somehow pre-ordained me being born into the shithole that is public school system and being brainwashed with lies and propaganda, I somehow deserved it (though it sucks to think about). I wish I could retire for penance, but day-to-day concerns occupy me. The liars running the world are not at all merciful to the common people, and for that I truly hope they rot in the deepest and darkest reaches of hell...

Anyway glad to meet you all! Lol. I am open to critical debate - please let me know what you think about my views.
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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Unread post by rachel »

I'm quite a fundamentalist Christian in my view, which actually puts me in a minority on this site. I believe in a young earth, six thousand years, and I work of the principle the seven day creation is fact. There are probably few other people on this site who agree with this, but I decided that you've got to have a clear starting point to measure against, and Genesis has so much to contemplate and put things in context, it makes sense why the Jesuits would destroy it with evolution and big bang.

I agree with you regarding the Moon landings, we are in a closed system. Interestingly, while I do think the stars are lights on a giant sky clock, they might also be real places. I do believe the Bible tells us of a time before Earth, when there was just a single place, and because there was nothing outside of it, it didn't have a name, but it would be what we now know as Heaven. And it was only when the angels were cast out of Heaven was somewhere that was not Heaven was created. And because there is two places, one that is Heaven and one that is not Heaven, then Heaven became a place. So that's why we have in the Bible, God created the Heaven and Earth. If you start a whole and cut it in half, the two halves come into existence at the exact same time. And why I think the stars might represent real places, it's because Earth is seeing an exact relay of what is in Heaven, but it is an image, not the real thing. Everything on Earth in some way reflects Heaven. We're in like a quarantine camp because we are infected, but this is a place to learn, because we will eventually get out. And at the end of it, I don't think we will be tricked, it will be a simple choice.

Anyway, hello @Ariya108.
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