Hello this is Herose

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Hello this is Herose

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Happy to be here. What keeps me up at night is identifying WHO it actually is that we all refer to passively as THEY.

I know Ab hates it (sorry Ab), but until I know for sure, I will refer to the controllers of the controllers as “The Prometheans”. Apparently there used to be a guy featured in Alex Jones that used this term...but I never knew him so won’t modify the term I prefer because of him. So for me, until otherwise uncovered, the evil team behind THEY is...The Prometheans.

Bastards, all of them.

Anyway, my posts under Coronavirus will be a compilation of bread crumbs I’ve found through research...and this collection is really for my own reference. I just want a place to go back to that’s protected from censorship where I can reference to take deeper dives at a later time.

I do not post to open up a debate. I fully acknowledge that I don’t know much of anything. But, I have a keen interest in THEY, oddly.

Okay, enough from me. Happy to be here.


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Re: Hello this is Herose

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:roll: thank you great intro. Others follow suit please.
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