Fetzer and the rest: Suckered by a Tucker.

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Fetzer and the rest: Suckered by a Tucker.

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So now Fetzer has anointed himself the prophet and sage of "alternative media", heralding its "triumph".

This really leaves me speechless.
Nevertheless, it shows the strength and resilience of ideology and emotion, as they "triumph" over common sense.
Fetzer is truly the authentic idealist; in a completely Hegelian sense.

He will still be calling forth messiahs and saviors from out of the swamp of illusion and deceit, until he draws his last fantasy breath.

Fetzer manages to completely erase from his memory, even the faintest recollection of this media milestone in the career of his latest mainstream media cult hero.

For the record.
And in case Prof. Fetzer would prefer to forget this "ancient history":

Maybe Fetzer is thinking of this more recent history?
And considers it a higher strategic priority.

https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/27/russia- ... icism.html

Even so, why is he trumpeting the illusion of "alternative media" to begin with?
Surely he knows better than that. It's pure opportunism.
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