hard headed vs. hard footed - is it your ideas or principles that lead you?

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hard headed vs. hard footed - is it your ideas or principles that lead you?

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good to be back
good to open a topic in health

mental but everything can turn phyiscal health

and, in the end, with my bestest friend, my eternal esposina, mariposina linda con cabeza de uma pequenha montaña in

the most beautiful
no discussion



in the world

The January River

Rio de Janeiro

5x I have had the James Bond life experience pleasures to have explored that intended destination instead of Colombia for my created position back in the business career days, that lasted just as long as they need to last to have taught me, and by sharing this with



cause if there is ANYTHING


it is the study of the mind

the very first activity we all do, without exception

ok, the stillborn

psychos logos


what I now got to

is the gist of one major difference and why things won't work and don't work and that's all fine and for the better for all

(imagine this; during the Rollocoaster Ride, now terminated 4 years and 14 days ago...!

all 3 male participants were married

now, all are separated

2 ugly, each in their own way

mine is, as astonishing as she is...)


hard headed


hard footed

ok.... I found an enormously serendicity set of images in my search but nothing what I needed, funny, making our own cartoons is the way, back to

hard headed means

- you have a thought, an imagination, a set of assumptions, ideas in your head
- and that is leading

- you stick by those, till you hit a wall and then walk away (can be many things)

hard footed means

- you have clear principles,
- that you stand by (on, with); they are visible for all, if right

- you get new information that adapts your view on the situation, following and possibly (a characteristic of many conflicts) enhancing orthodoy in principles, especially in hh vs. hf convos

essential is, to adapt (evolution, aiducation ; real learning)


I launch this idea just here, at the forum, certainly not counterdicting (no typos) what I said in the Pub

it will come on the wiki

but better

cause the mentalversity

can by its very definition, as opposed to University, Uniforms and Psientism dictatordated DSM-XVII+, never come from 1 muisca (human being; also; people) alone



do you recognize (yourself) in these now and for now only identified as 2 and therefore binary, but expandable

philos sophos vs idea logos



speak up, out, there is no over, no WT3 here at least....
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