Rumored MAGA Truckers Boycott of NYC: An ARG

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Rumored MAGA Truckers Boycott of NYC: An ARG

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An ARG is an "Alternate Reality Game" on social media.

It may possibly "spill over" into every day real life.
Then it becomes a "LARP" ("Live Action Role Play").
In this instance, none of that is likely to occur.

Who the hell would jeopardize their job, business or income just to protest on behalf of a Judas goat like Donald Trump?
Truckers are not in the best shape to participate in any kind of boycott.

Who would do it? Teamsters? Independent owners?
None of them can afford to pass up their payments on the rig, the house or the credit cards.

Nevertheless, the abandonment and mass exodus out of corrupt and chaotic cities like NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Memphis, Detroit, SF, LA, Chicago will accelerate.

Therefore it makes sense to begin importing a new replacement population of "migrants", who will be suitably compliant voters, workers and crisis actors.
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