when the gun is against your head ... how do YOU "identify as..." ?

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when the gun is against your head ... how do YOU "identify as..." ?

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this whole EGI stuff is a freaky hobby and such.

but real life situations where real life marks (those marked by carnies) perpetrait (no typo) the Transgendas (will) exist.

So, if the gun is against your head, how do YOU identify as ?

How Transhuman do you wanna go to fit in with a Clownworld

you shouldn't spend your valuable TIME on

other than laughing in their faces

hopefully with a philosophical message behind it

not the headless trolling some Tilburied calls "sarcasm" (a US American "redefining" sarcasm, that's funny to us Dutchies having grown up with British brilliance)


so, anything Trans-


Trans-Soul, or Trans-Pneuma (I knew it had to do with air; "breath", didn't remember it also means "soul, spirit, """in a religious context"""" (well, if it's Greek, it at least involves Gaia....the other Gaia, one capital, the goddess, spirit, EMBODIMENT)

Call it As YOU wish

but Call it





Molly is Jesus

on that early early PRE-"Christian Hour" (a saying in many languages)

given to me by GAIA


but not God

not that Father thing

no, Divinity is pretty genderfull, or genderless, just how you see it, ascending from those mundane concepts

but still

IF the gun is on the head

Divinity = divinidad = LA divinidad = feminina = feminine
Synchronicity = sincronicidad = idem
Tierra = Terra = Gaia = Mapu
Fertlity = fertilidad
Fairtility = Newpeech identidad

but still, the concept of Jesus, the shepherd, came into my LIFE = GROWTH = LIFE

namely by finding Molly, and she me

we are both Trans Souls

in physics, chemistry, "the ordinary speech", we are human and dog
in my Newspeech we are muisca and caniña

meaning she is partly human, or something expanding from that, Divine

no need to Believe ME

every good SOUL around us

recognizes this

and vice versa

my life has always been like a movie, amazing adventures

but never I imagined this with my true soulmate

the serendicities surrounding our encounter
are just absurd

a Hungarian herding dog
of which back then "max 3002 existed in the world, and hardly outside Hungary or Finland...."

who connects more with people than with her own kind, dogs.

the term "people's dog".... she sets the New World Standard...

we both do this

and reincarnation is only a logical outcome of the cyclicity of nature, we cannot GO against Nature

making this whole EGI nonsense that

because you CANNOT CHANGE YOUR SEX, that what GAIA, Divinity, God, "The Universe" (atheism doesn't exist) has GIVEN you.....


so, what are YOUR new pronouns ??




be creative

isn't that the Lesson of Creation ?

to Create ??
aSHIFT. - take control over your OWN life

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the more we share, the more we are

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