Theater of the mind, set pieces, the terrible false witness of men.

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Theater of the mind, set pieces, the terrible false witness of men.

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This is a hoax story this is theater for the minds of those so dark wicked and evil that they quite literally look for any reason to upset the stable and calm minds of others. They're wickedness knows no bounds they quite literally will cast a fake false hoax contrived controlled demolition story and or Play act as real and place it before those they claim to not only love but to call friend.

These people possess no moral compass due to the fact they are Godless heathens and cowards not only in truth but in their projected and manifested life.

Now then how do you tell this is a story I will go ahead and give you the ways so that you do not false witness death or mayhem unto your neighbor you can quite literally remove them from the lie and give them life if you choose to.

So then once you take the time to look at the so-called stories and go ahead and note down on a piece of scratch paper if your memory is not very good the different numbers involved and I will give you my response below.

First and foremost nobody died and nobody got hurt this is a contrived and a controlled demolition and event only those so dark twisted and without life internally will cast this on to you as a worry because even they will not do Jack nor shit about it those are their two pillars.

To whom it may concern.

If you are someone that does not false witness death and or pass around b******* stories this does not apply to you

Nobody died and nobody got hurt you sick minded and truly heartless cowards.


“Oh my God” 87 simple gematria Same as scapegoat.

Protect your minds you villains especially you so-called men that will not do anything anyway.

This is the time where the worthless the absolute scum of humanity will seek death and it will flee from them they however when they close their miserable eyes for the last time will simply dissipate.

They given the chance to lead in this realm prove that they would rather fall and ” organ gobbler” the liar and thus they will become part of the lie and that lie dissipates in the end.

I suggest you start wearing dresses you bunch of dumbbells

This is only real to the most sickest and perverted and selfish so-called minds.

This is another oh my God hoax nobody died and nobody got hurt stop the b*******

If you are not going to be a man and lead others out of the lies then keep your f****** mouth shut and let others do it for you.

Not only the time with the 33 code but also the road number which is nothing more than a double seven.

What is most unfortunate is there are women and children who are expecting the men of this so-called realm to do what they are supposed to do and that is to lead them with the truth and not to fall for every stupid b******* story that is put out before them I cannot stand the laziness of you so-called men

Do better or tell your women and children that you are no longer in the position to help them and they might as well go get a tranny for a father because they at least act like men......

Now then get busy living

To lie to someone is not to love them now stop acting like fools for the fools.
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