Fac1414 review May11 2024

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Fac1414 review May11 2024

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Tim, they Mocked you on that Show ad response, it was appalling. They do not care one BIT about you for “real” the Mockery was hard to listen 2.

Again, the Protestants, the Orthodox, the Catholic’s ARE “the Jews” (those who call themselves but are not (idea) revelations)) and they are children of Say-10.

The false witness of “living man” can only come from someone Intended on Lying to others.

He claimed – Civil war was real.

The Civil “war” IS NOT “real”, it was a HOAX, and by his own Criteria the “numbers” prove it Civil War “” is about 750,000, with a range from 650.000 to as many as 850,000
Nobody Died and Nobody Got Hurt.
How Many Died in the American Civil War? | HISTORY (NONE)

All 0’s

He is my Video on this Hoax (Circ. 2014)
us civil war hoax (youtube.com)

STOP allowing other MEN in your Presence to FALSE WITNESS death. IT does matter that you do not let this happen if you Claim Life.

DO not be a Devil(liar)

that Beta(Corn’Holy-o)Cuck “D”train (dick)train lives up to his name sake, Living man did not.

Rick went on a Mass Scare and Spiritual Murder Rampage….that’s more and more his Nature ….thus dissipation awaits his “tut”
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