Ghostwriter for ELO (and others?) Voodoo Woman versus Evil Woman

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Ghostwriter for ELO (and others?) Voodoo Woman versus Evil Woman

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After his expose on the Beatles not writing all of their own music, Mike Williams does another bang-up investigation into a potential ghostwriter for ELO. This puts Jeff Lynne centered in the crosshairs. Especially so, given his involvement with George Harrison, Fraud Dylan and the Wilbury's.

He was also awarded an OBE from the Queen. Sure...just for singing pop songs on a guitar....sure...pop music is not what we are told it is. ... -to-music/

Mike draws the connection with the band Famous Groupies. Their webpage has the band all dressed up as transvestites ala New York Dolls.

Really bizarro band....

So Kirkcaldy has a pic of himself ala Red Rose Speedway by Wings and describes himself as " I am all things McCartney."

Faul Mckenzie tries to look like the original Paul, yet names himself Faul...which is the moniker for Billy Shears.

and their music sounds like vintage Wings from the 1970's.

I doubt that ANY of these pop idols presented to us ever wrote any of their music. Whether it was channeled to them or handed to them, I don't know. Remember, in the presented narrative, Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, never wrote any of "his" songs.

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