Higher side Chats

Good podcast? Good video channel? Please use this forum to post your recommends and give a good description.
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Higher side Chats

Post by Helena »

Greg Carlwood has a number of different guests and covers many different topics. His talks are free for the first hour, the second being for members only.

I like Greg’s enthusiasm and his introductions are great.

This one, in particular, interested me: https://www.thehighersidechats.com/gabr ... opian-age/

Gabriel Custodiet gives some good advice on how to protect your privacy. It looks like Greg gave the whole talk for free which was kind of him.
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Re: Higher side Chats

Post by napoleon »

fakeologist used to be a place where someones ideas get discussed
the higher side chats is atleast organised, its full of mediocre hasbeens ,i guess thats why some want to emulate it ,
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