Nazi roots of outer space

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Nazi roots of outer space

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Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun is a designer of rocket and space technology, one of the founders of modern rocket engineering, creator of the first ballistic missiles, considered the father of the US space programme. Von Braun was the director of NASA's Space Flight Center, oversaw the development of the Apollo spacecraft. Baron von Braun was originally introduced in the US as a simple German engineer who joined the US after the war. But after the triumph of the lunar mission, it turned out that in Germany von Braun was a convinced Nazi, an SS Sturmbannfuhrer, and former concentration camp prisoners recognised him as their torturer.

Werner von Braun in SS uniform
Von Braun in SS uniform behind Himmler

Von Braun was not the only German to hold an important position at NASA. Also, Günter Wendt, a German, who was the last to see and send all astronauts on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo into space, was the irreplaceable and only launch pad supervisor. In his book "Unbroken Chain", Wendt described how he designed a concrete blast-proof room with a spring-loaded floor, directly under the launch pad, which could hold 20 people for 3 days and survive a Saturn 5 rocket explosion, into which it was possible to quickly descend through a chute at the base of the mobile tower.

Wendt sends Apollo 14 astronauts to the moon
Gunther Wendt, nicknamed "der Führer of der Launch Pad"

According to the Smithsonian magazine, the US government hatched a plan to bring 88 Nazi scientists captured during the fall of the Nazi Germany back to United States and get them back on the job, under a project known as “Operation Paperclip".
Meanwhile, as part of a similar Soviet "Operation Osoaviakhim", even more German scientists and engineers were transferred to the USSR, where more than 170 German specialists were transported to the first branch of NII-88 on Gorodomlia Island on Lake Seliger, led by von Braun's closest colleague and collaborator, Helmut Gröttrup, who was involved in the remote guidance and missile control systems of the V-2 project.
It is noteworthy that English-language sources report that the USSR forcibly seized Gröttrup's group and placed them at the disposal of Sergei Korolev, the "Chief Designer" of Soviet cosmonautics. Meanwhile, Boris Chertok, one of Korolev's closest associates, reported in his book "Rockets and Men" that Gröttrup himself offered his services to the Soviets through his wife while in Witzenhausen, in the American zone of occupation.
Thus, it is possible that the "Space Race" between the USSR and the USA was a kind of "Wrestling of the Nanai Boys", originally staged by the Germans.
It can be added that SS Sturmbannführer Baron von Braun wrote in his book "Project Mars" that the leader of Mars was called "Elon".

"The Martian government was directed by ten men, the leader of whom was elected by universal suffrage for five years and entitled "Elon." Two houses of Parliament enacted the laws to be administered by the Elon and his cabinet."

As the former National Socialist bequeathed, this is the rare name that belongs to the current leader of astronautics in the US, Elon Musk, who has openly set ambitious goals of exploring Mars, at the cost of many human lives.
In this Elon is opposed by Dmitry Rogozin from Russian Federation, the CEO of the state corporation Roscomos, who began his career as a National Socialist.

Dmitry Rogozin under the banner of RNE, the Russian paramilitary nationalist organization
Rogozin at a torchlight procession with the banner "Whites of all countries unite"

Thus, up to now, the spirit of National Socialism accompanies the exploration of unearthly spaces, both from the USA as well as from the Russian Federation.


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Re: Nazi roots of outer space

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