The US might have been making a fake UFO conspiracy

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The US might have been making a fake UFO conspiracy

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In a new documentary, US government agents claim they spent decades giving fake evidence of extraterrestrials to gullible ufologists. But why? And how can we trust them now?
Mirage Men's chief coup is to land an actual man in black: a former Air Force special investigations officer named Richard Doty, who admits to having infiltrated UFO circles. A fellow UFO researcher says: "Doty had this wonderful way to sell it – 'I'm with the government. You cooperate with us and I'm going to tell you what the government really knows about UFOs, deep down in those vaults.'" Doty and his colleagues fed credulous ufologists lies and half-truths, knowing their fertile imaginations would do the rest. In return, they were apprised of chatter from the community, thus alerting the military when anyone was getting to close to their top-secret technology. And if the Soviets thought the US really was communing with aliens, all the better.
UFO organizations and researchers have long suspected that they’re under some kind of government surveillance. Is it true, or is it paranoia?
The answer is, it’s a little of both. Documents show that CIA officers infiltrated UFO organizations years ago. The Air Force Office of Special Investigations, for a period, spread disinformation about UFO cases and sent operatives to UFO conventions to gather intelligence.
How do we know? One of the OSI agents who did it has admitted as much.
Richard Doty is one of the most controversial figures in the history of the UFO. Doty had a 20-year career with the Air Force, including years as a special agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). During that time, he was assigned to conduct surveillance on a scientist, Paul Bennewitz, who had inadvertently acquired information about a classified Air Force program. Doty admits he fed disinformation to Bennewitz and to other UFO researchers. forged documents, and muddied the waters.

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Re: The US might have been making a fake UFO conspiracy

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