Piece of Mindful

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Piece of Mindful

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not in the list yet so a useful and befriended addition to the Fakeology database (better not translate into Arabic...) of useful links:

Piece of Mindful

06/22 '22 - A fun podcast with Ab and Gaia

the blog is run and owned by Mark Tokarski (72) from Colorado, USA
with writers
steve kelly (early 60s?) from Montana
Tyrone McCloskey (?) from California
Stephers (female end 40s/early 50s I guess) from California (if I am right)

Mark has done a shout out at Ab's Fakeologist Audio Show FAK 557, here for more writers and me, a former and hopefully soon future again one also encourages that very much.

we are aLOUD. has mixed Ab and Mark in multiple mixes, but most completely in Molly Madley 2207 CAGE - Pieces of Mindful Fakeology[/url] & Molly Madley 2207 RAGE - Statement of Diss Order where you hear the main guest of the show, misom (active here too?).

the search function at Piece of Mindful is ok, but not great.

Additionally, Ab has provided a search function on his blog, giving his posts related to POM HERE.

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