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wisecore & wakestyle

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2022 12:54 am
by aSHIFT.
I think this chat section is a good place for this maybe for some chatty topic, but for me it is essential in both my productions and long musical experience.

early this year I invented these two Newspeak words to refer to collections of truthful, wisdom spreading, awake (NOT "woke", that fake scripted cancer culture sh*t) lyrics.

wisecore - wise & wake lyrics in hardcore (160+ BPM) songs
wakestyle - wake & wise lyrics in hardstyle (~150 BPM) songs

in quite some cases the titles of the songs in hardstyle & hardcore already give the message away, but not in every case.

In this thread I will share some of what I consider the best examples of these styles that I subdefined for us.

In some cases famous lyrics from movies make their way into the music (moviecore and filmstyle), in other cases the hardstyle or hardcore producer do what I very much like to do as well, reverse the Satanism.

most of these songs I use in my productions, published either via Anchor at the popular podcast platforms and/or at my Patreon page, some for free, some for matrons only

first examples to enjoy are on Fakeotube:
Pieces of Mindful Fakeologists who are aLOUD. - CLIMATE CHANGE


Re: wisecore & wakestyle

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2022 4:59 am
by aSHIFT.
just a peek at the song titles of some of what I consider the best wisecore around
tells you all you need to understand what I talk about
and mix with our GEMz at Eye am Eye Radio we are aLOUD.

lyrics are linked

Furyan & Angerfist - HOAX
Miss K8 & Angerfist - New World Order
Miss K8 & Angerfist - Divide & Conquer
Angerfist & Restrained - You Ain't Real
Rebelion ft. Tha Watcher - Fake Shit
Mad Dog & D-Passion - Power To The People