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Appreciate the Forum

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I'm pretty much on board with what's discussed here in my two main areas of ongoing study (EGI and Ball Earth Skeptics), and wish to thank the active forum members for their sharing of information and updates.

For EGI I continue to be surprised at how prevalent this is in all levels of media. As a believer in God, and current processes of good vs evil, I am more in line with DirtyBenny point of view here in that it - and most things that we are attempting to unveil - is fundamentally a spiritual issue. I am coming to the conclusion that it may be a "healing crisis" collectively - you know a process where all the hidden toxicities are coming out.

As for the Flat Earth, it has been a long difficult road. This is the main reason I am posting here. I continue to dig for information and rational opinions from reliable sources - in particular theories about the ultimate physical nature and structure of the realm and its context and meaning in relationship to bigger physical realms. One example is "vibes of cosmos" who places us in a larger physical plane of reality that is understood by studying a plasma moon that is a reflection of where we live. I find it hard going and have to drop it for periods, but do keep coming back for more.

It does occur to me that many FE researchers who put themselves out into public view as researchers are not really talking that much about what might lie "outside" the Earth. Is it just void outside a physical/solid dome firmament, or something like the universe we are taught as children...or are we in infinite etheric "waters" of some is extremely difficult to get one's head around the possiblities let alone what might be true, but my feeling is that sooner or later there might be a genuine whistleblower or two from the ranks of covert science that might be able to share some things.

I also occasionally think that maybe there are things that we are just not meant to know, and the Elites as we understand them are simply doing as they are told and it is not all because they are greedy/power mad/evil etc. Truth's protective protect us from what. If someone has been say to Antarctica and travelled outwards (such as Admiral Byrd) to the dome wall, what exactly have they found and are we able to verify in any way.

TJNolan on youtube who does the infrared camera work and scientific analysis is one example of a whistleblower that I have found helpful, in my opinion. He seems to imply he knows more than he is letting on....that we are in the "truman show" - he does seem to be from the upper echolons of "deep science" and a good person....I suppose like with everyone else, time will tell if he is willing or able to take it further.

I wish everyone the best, including the elites and the people we believe are doing us wrong. I think there might be characters in our play that may be beyond redemption in God's eyes, but my belief is that it is a tiny few, and hopefully our future is that humanity will learn about them and understand how or why they came to be, so as never to be victimized any more.

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Re: Appreciate the Forum

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Hi Ian...

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