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Not Nasa fakery, but the same tells.

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2022 2:48 am
by YouCanCallMeAl ... ineral_on/

"The mineral, dubbed "Changesite-(Y)", was named after Chang’e – a moon goddess in Chinese mythology and the namesake of the Chang’e-5 mission"

Change, change site Y? Some sort of messaging?

"China's sample weighed about 1.73kg (3.8lbs) on Earth. It was collected from both the surface of the Moon and about 6.5 meters beneath the surface in an area thought to have been the site of volcanic activity. The loot was shared among 33 research organizations."

1+7+3=11, 6+5=11, 33.

Imo, space fakery is a great way to see through the 'independent countries' illusion. Here we have China getting in on the act. Previously, we have Russia giving the US astronauts lifts to the ISS.