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Mike Yeadon

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2022 3:36 pm
by rachel
Another Mike Yeadon interview with an interesting discussion on figures.

On Building Back Better, First By Destroying

He says Covid vaccines increase all-cause mortality.
Flu vaccines do not reduce death and hospitalisation according to 10 year UK data.
He's doubting all of the narrative full-stop.
At 44 minutes, Spike Protein is the only option you could go for if you wanted to design something to kill people and all four manufacturers "independently" chose to use it for their vaccines.
He wants to see Patrick Vallance in prison, and the heads of the vaccine manufactures.
There was never a public emergency, so it is Democide.
1 hour 05, he's in to EVENT 201, he says it's the 10th tabletop exercise run over 25 years, and always focused on control the flow of the media taking total control.
He is clearly agitated.

I think June Raine should be joining Patrick Vallance in prison.

Re: Mike Yeadon

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:51 pm
by rachel
Covid Pandemic FRAUD: Doctors Mike Yeadon & Paul Alexander [VIDEO] ... deo/ref/8/

Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President, talks with Dr. Paul Elias Alexander on the fraud of the COVID pandemic and the deaths caused by the response. September 17, 2022

Re: Mike Yeadon

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2022 10:57 pm
by rachel
The Delingpod - The Delingpod

Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab