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Reconstruction of the 911 Truth Movement Narratives

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 11:00 pm
by Faye
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For the record: Of "planehuggers" in 2005

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:44 am
by SaiGirl
Some history.
Before it disappears down the memory hole.

I should note that 9/11 "no planers" had been publishing their work since at least 2005, and Holmgren even earlier than that, with his documentation of the absence of Flights 11 and 77 on the BTS database.

I started looking at the stills and videos in 2005, and found both the CNN-Hezarkhani and the ABC-Fairbanks digital cartoons, to be more than enough evidence of a psyop hoax on major media "news" networks.
Whenever I engaged in discussion or controversy with anyone about this, I immediately referenced those 2 clips.

To my astonishment, frustration and sheer exasperation, "normies" (even so-called "truthers") twisted themselves into the most convoluted arguments to try and explain away these transparently obvious digital FAKES.

We had a term for it.
I think Holmgren started it; then Nico Haupt and the rest of us picked it up.
We called this "body guarding the media" (as in "mainstream" media).
Alex Jones was the absolute worst.
But so was "" and "9/11blogger".
"No planers" and adherents of the "TV fakery" aspect, were savagely denounced, ostracized, smeared and completely misrepresented.

Rosalee Grable (the "WebFairy") labeled these normies as "planehuggers",
for their stubborn delusional clinging to the core of the psyop: the "hijacked planes" narrative.
Especially in the face of so much naked evidence PROVING network TV news involvement in the 9/11 psyop.

http://americanvoicesfor911truth.blogsp ... salee.html

Re: Reconstruction of the 911 Truth Movement Narratives

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 12:39 am
by taburasa
My own experience bears out SaiGirl's comment that advocates of "no planes" have been made to appear unworthy of attention in other truth subcultures -- probably more than any other group of researchers and interpreters of the events -- which recommends them highly, to my mind. I came late to this very long party, when I heard Chris Bollyn interviewed a couple of times by Bonnie Faulkner in 2015, who was then broadcasting on KPFA (her show was later dropped) in Berkeley, CA. Now, of course, I find it very suspicious that, while Bollyn has documented the vast overrepresentation of Israeli citizens in the coverup, and the history of the events being traced to both Israeli and Israel-centered "domestic" (in appearance) political strategy going back decades prior, he has never acknowledged, as far as I know, the obvious role played by the media in "catapulting the propaganda," as it was once put. It seems to me that these two lines of thinking would be especially natural to look at in tandem, but they appear to have been deliberately walled off from one another.

Re: Reconstruction of the 911 Truth Movement Narratives

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 1:12 pm
by RoCks
It too me awhile to catch on to the fake planes, and those who promoted the missile theory deal. It's not that I wouldn't put it past these s.o.b.'s, and liars, to actually use missiles. My thoughts on missiles was simply to have something, something airborne, and maybe for people to see, in order to use for the mpeg concoctions. In other words, take an actual flying object, using its motion, and then using that object to concoct whatever other object in its place. In other words, anything. A plane, a flying car, a flying kitchen sink, flying bathtub, or whatever. I also underestimated the number of liars available to promote this plane/missile thing. I should know by now, especially with Action movie FX, an app which a kid can get for their telephone, can pretty much do what they pulled on 9/11. That, along with adobe after effects, BLENDER, and other such software which has advanced since these cheap trashy hezarkani, Evan Fairbanks, et al, concoctions. Plus I also finally grasped the fact that actual missiles would endanger any unpredictable hits and breaks in the already set up controlled demolition circuitry. Also, unpredictable fallout from actual flying objects, which would put their entire media in disarray and actually have somebody getting actually injured, or anything that the liars on the ground, all being part of this hoax, couldn't predict or accommodate. As a side note, the rockefeller boaz and jachin "twin towers" were designed, with its vertical columns, to be demolished, obviously vertically, when they were built. Obviously, therefore, the controlled demolition was planned since the inception of the boaz, jachin "twin towers", with the help of their asian puppet architect, minoru yamasaki.

Re: Reconstruction of the 911 Truth Movement Narratives

Posted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 1:29 pm
by RoCks
A guy named Tufa caught onto what these liars pulled off with the fake media videos, planes, etc., 10 years ago. Not only that, he did some comprehensive work to show it.