Narrative: Attack by Agents Provocateur

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Narrative: Attack by Agents Provocateur

Post by Faye »

This Topic presents the authors (writers, activists, etc.) who worked on the basic hypothesis that the events of 911 constitute attacks and that these attacks were carried out by subjects different to the ones the official story states.
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False flag terrorism is still an "attack" on a target population.

Post by SaiGirl »

Fraud, extortion, blackmail and racketeering are an "attack" on a target population.

Even if a fabricated media narrative (psyop) is at the center of things.
It is still an "attack" on people.
And merely dismissing it as a "hoax" trivializes its impact.
Not sure why we are so concerned with the semantics of "attacks" versus "hoax"
Military psyops are at the heart of all warfare (Sun Tzu).

Setting off massive controlled demolitions in Manhattan, no matter how "conventional" still constitute an "attack" (psychological warfare) on the American people.
Even more so with the Pentagon event (probably well placed explosives) which, despite being an "inside job" still represented an "attack" on the American people.
Even it was carried out by their own leaders.
The media psyop itself was a massive "attack" on the psyche of the American people.
And the series of bombings, invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq also constitute "attacks" that may be considered part of the 9/11 "war".
I don't like this playing around with word games.
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