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1 year ago

you wanna get on telegram ,that’s where all the cool kids are.
And iv’e been the length and breadth of telegram ,
and not once have i been sensored for not believing spacebeams were responsible for the millenium fall-con ,i can put my hand on my heart swear to the almighty hustler in the sky and say to whoever will enter the telegram ,none of the governments reddit posse or hired goons to keep the mediocre truthers or digital gonads relevant and edgey ,none of these fine gentlemen have even piped up once .

Last edited 1 year ago by napoleon wilson
1 year ago

yes if you want epic coin head in

iv’e just realised those people who were really worried about ai becoming self aware ,learniing and taking over the net ,yes? we werent’ we knew that was bollocks ,but in doing so we have enabled ab ,he’s the ai !!! du du duurr!!

either that or he’s

either way head in and if you don’t get paid for your troubles by ab,i’ll show you an old five pound note signed by jack the ripper