Graffiti wall and derailing room

One of the fun things about blogs is you can meet some interesting people. Conversely, you can attract people who’s sole purpose is to smear you, discredit your message, or derail the conversation or topic and try and make your whole effort as attractive as a pile of stinking garbage.

It can be tricky trying to figure out what to do with these comments. Should I delete them, spam them, or leave them?

It’s quite provable the leaving derailing or defamatory comments will influence future commenters, perhaps even stopping them cold from commenting at all. Most aren’t willing to engage in controversy, and most don’t want to set themselves up for ad hominem attacks or disparaging remarks.

If I outright delete comments, I will be accused of having an agenda. Of course I have my own agenda here, that’s why I created this blog. Those that disagree are free to start their own blog or use the myriad of other options available to them on 0;social” media. If I leave comments up that are defamatory, then it may imply in some readers’ minds that I support the person or comment.

So my compromise (for now) is to move comments that I think aren’t helpful or are taking away from the blog’s message to this page. Egregious violations will be deleted completely. All elements here are experimental, so this page may or may not remain.

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21 thoughts on “Graffiti wall and derailing room

  1. Black Dog

    Today jun 29 2016 — this site is a MESS! not sure whats happened — was better before/the layout usability wise etc. — unless you are in a transitional mode.. hope it gets fixed. – peace.

    SIMPLIFY!! the simpler, the less clicking around, the better.. It should be so simple anyone can come in here and have no problem. Save the complexity for the chats and the theory! — the content. Thanks.

  2. waxbottles

    Once upon a time, I heard a radio personality, do his show and when it was over he said to his audience.
    And remember I got the money.
    I wondered why would anyone return to listen to such an arrogant person, every day?
    Looking back it reminds me of the present study of hoaxes
    And remember we got the money, and probably education as well.
    I see how the education and money and such are really the only strengths in this so called truth moment.
    They; like anyone can search the internet for news and facts that will compile a story for their own glory.
    This allows people to consider nonsensical issues in various degrees of exaggeration.
    While expecting to benefit from the information received to one degree or another.
    Let me tell you now that they only want what they can get from people they don’t usually know and places they do not usually go.
    Its a new form of media that they hope will someday replace the one in charge now.
    As do they hope to replace me as the one in charge now.
    They all have a role in the scam, each to there own device.
    Eventually a stooge will wonder in and make them appear more attractive or compelling.. Perhaps even teaming up as they do to widen there target audience potential.
    Usually with the same eventual result, disappointment to one degree or another.
    Just a word from someone they hide.
    P.S if this page is taking screenshots it has many varieties of what eventually became this edited version.
    FYI. All the big boys and girls know me, and they make sure I suffer and am destroyed so that I don’t succeed.
    and most if not all the media hopefuls and opportunists take what they can before someone else does.

  3. simonshack


    As I see it, what we’re doing here is not exactly “deconstructing a lie” – it’s more like writing a movie review. The point with such an exercise is to – hopefully – raise some public awareness to the long-overlooked aspects of the psyops of our times, such as the “Hollywool-techniques” used to pull them off. If you think Ab and I are idiots for believing this may be a useful, socially valuable endeavor, so be it. Perhaps you can enlighten us and suggest better ways of spending our time and brainpower. Should we walk around our neighborhoods carrying big signs saying “ITS ALL FAKE – END OF FUCKING STORY” ? If not, what do you suggest? Let’s hear it.

    No, you may not be ‘fucking nuts’, Chubbs – and Ab and i are no idiots, in my humble opinion. However, you may be down with a quite common condition to be found all over the world :…


    1. Carole Thomas

      nice analogy – movie reviews:-) Indeed – and those who don’t wish to read the reviews (or are not compelled to read them like I am – thanks Ab and Simon for posting/ hosting some of the best reviews around) are probably better off going for a long walk in the forest.

    2. babette

      Perhaps we all might consider carrying big placards around to engage people outside our little sewing circle in serious topics e.g. Extortion/Fraud called cancer research, Chemtrails, GMOs, Kosher Tax, 9/11 Fakery, Apollo Fakery, HoloHoax (Beware: Beatings, fines and arrest might ensue for that one), Flat Earth theory and much more.

      I once had a memorable conversation with Lumberjack Greg who, like myself, actually talks with non-fakeologists on a daily basis. It helps that both of us are happily devoid of the risible fear of being thought mad. We concluded that our fellow citizens may be more awake than we assume. Really.

      Let’s go ahead and test our placards then. You may be amazed at the number of passersby who tell you, sotto voce, “We know. We know.”


  4. Chubbs

    Tim and Simon are you guys fucking serious? Deconstructing a LIE!!! Whats the point?? Nothing about the JFK hoax is true, why even talk about the details?? man I did like this site, but I am starting to wonder? are you guys idiots?? or just trying to play to those that dont see the media fakery in its true form? the whole thing is bullshit(ALL OF IT), it is ALL FAKE end of FUCKING story!!!

    Lets go down some FAKE rabbit trails( maybe we will get to some truth, LOL!!!!)
    Really guys? I expect better from you guys!!

    Its OK maybe I’m fucking nuts!!!



    1. smj

      are you the same guy that demanded that ab give the goldbug proper credit for his deconstruction of the jfk hoax: you remember, when you praised the bug’s detailed analysis of the ruby charade, right?

      if not; i’m sorry. if so; you’re trolling.

      ……and yes, i am well aware that i am an idiot.

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