Here’s your satellite

Google Earth’s satellite imagery for Toronto is years out of date – empty fields show where new warehouses now stand.

If there were really satellites taking pictures 24/7, the site would be continuously updated.

No, the real reason is it’s simply photo mapping by plane like these, which only take footage every few years.

A plane scheduled for a short flight in Ontario this week took a winding route that kept it in the air for more than four hours. CTV News Toronto looked into the flight after a post gained attention on Reddit, questioning if anyone else in Toronto “was being kept awake at 3 a.m.” by the aircraft’s noise Wednesday. The Piper PA-31 aircraft was flying at around 1,150 feet for the duration of its flight, flight tracking website Flight Radar 24 shows.

Source: Plane loops for hours over Toronto in middle of night |

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1 year ago

My son is very into planes and is constantly monitoring flight radars. He shows me all kinds of planes with flights like this. This is a possibility in my opinion.

1 year ago

Exactly, why else would google maps be 3 years old plus?

“Spy planes” are quite common over London, circling, scanning about 10000 ft up