If TMZ reports it, it’s fake

People are so used to trial by media, seeing “evidence” released to the public (and tainting any future jury or investigation) seems like normal procedure.

Of course in the real world none of this would be released.

Which makes this case staged and fake by default.

Is this to scare anyone who dares develop a real private coin, like Epic Cash founder Max Freeman?

Dramatic new video shows the shocking moment Cash App founder Bob Lee collapsed in front of a San Francisco building and desperately tried to flag down a passing car while dialing 911 — after he was brutally stabbed.



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1 year ago

There you go, if you want to check if a story is fake go to tmz and they will verify it is. They are an entertainment agency, one of the characters on there is married to the person responsible for producing the content for the daytime talk shows, all of them.