Interview with two anti-vax heroes

Awesome interview make sure you listen. The solution is never ever ever inject anything into your blood called a vaccine.

WITH THE WIND WITH DR. PAUL – PODCAST 125 Featuring: Greg Glaser, JD General Counsel and National Coalition Director for Physicians for Informed Consent; Litigator for CHD ?? 2023-11-07 • ? 53:52 • ? 81 MB Podcast: With The Wind Author: Paul Thomas, MD Web player: Episode: LISTEN In his From the Heart segment, Dr. Paul talks about what it means to have the kind of strength that develops from a place of weakness and brokenness. He reminds us to have hope no matter how much we are currently struggling because it is through these experiences where a deeper, more powerful strength will be birthed from within. According to the government’s own data, the vaccine that they propose has never been proven safer than the disease it targets. Not once. They’ve never proved it. They’ve never had an epidemiological study, which is just… Sufficient statistical strength to prove it. And we show that in each of our documents, no matter what vaccine you’re looking at.” — Greg Glaser This week, attorney Greg Glaser joins Dr. Paul and DeeDee Hoover to discuss important issues surrounding medical exemptions, informed consent, his latest work around free speech litigation, the need for control group data, and so much more. Check out for more resources! Show Notes: Title: With the Wind Science Revealed Presenters: Attorney Greg Glaser, DeeDee Hoover LMT, PMT, CCT, Dr. Paul Length: 53:53 Key Points: Legal issues surrounding medical exemptions for vaccines Importance of informed consent for patients Role of data in the vaccine safety and efficacy debate Free speech litigation and censorship Control group data and the need for unbiased research Summary: In this episode of With the Wind Science Revealed, Attorney Greg Glaser joins Dr. Paul and DeeDee Hoover to discuss important issues surrounding vaccines and informed consent. Glaser highlights the legal issues surrounding medical exemptions for vaccines and the need for physicians to fully inform their patients about the risks and benefits of vaccination. The group also discusses the role of data in the ongoing debate about vaccine safety and efficacy, as well as the need for unbiased research and control group data. Additionally, they touch on free speech litigation and censorship in the medical community. Conclusion: With the Wind Science Revealed provides valuable insights into the complex issues surrounding vaccines and informed consent. By bringing together legal experts, physicians, and other professionals, the show offers a well-rounded perspective on these important topics. Listeners will come away with a deeper understanding of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding vaccines and the importance of informed consent in medical decision-making. Links: Home — Physicians for Informed Consent Facebook PIC Page Legal Justice • Children’s Health Defense ( Measuring the Benefits of Mass Vaccination Programs in the United States – PubMed (

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8 months ago

Very nice. Obviously a bright man who knows how to negotiate the court system, not designed to produce any truth despite his first amendment fallback. My only problem, very basic, is that he does not question the existence of the virus. Start there.