IPS caller discusses metonic cycle

Is the moon fake? It’s certainly isn’t what we’re told.

IPR OPEN PHONES OPEN MINDS “PHASE 3 RUN” 8/10/23 ?? 2023-08-11 • ? 01:52:59 • ? 2.3 GB Podcast: INFINITE PLANE RADIO on Odysee Author: INFINITE PLANE RADIO Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/infinite-plane-radio-on-odysee/episode/161993818 Episode: https://player.odycdn.com/api/v3/streams/free/ipr81023/52429bd78e9b6f55a070e60e5fc5929c0f8d86f3/20642f.mp4 IPR OPEN PHONES OPEN MINDS “PHASE 3 RUN” 8/10/23DISCORD CHAThttps://discord.gg/qf5pWqSmPr

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Dave j
Dave j
11 months ago

I did a video on this topic
addendum to Crrow777radio episode 242. 11(s-u-n) and 19(m-oo-n(metonic) cycle Introduction to the ideas