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8 months ago

These idiots make fakeologists look like morons. Sad to see them here along with some legit researchers and sharp intellects.

8 months ago
Reply to  justlittleeva

ive watched intelligence levels of fakeologists steadily drop since i joined ,or shoudl i say since i joined fakeologist and opted out of the houseclown plan , oh i don’t watch the footage ab plays and laugh or mock it ,its building the temple in the worlds mind ,my temple on the other hand beats fuck out of all the masons that wanted me to ditch fakeologist and do a show with them ,go fuck yourself im a fakeologist even if ab isnt anymore there aint a man around these parts with the bottle to say what i show shabby… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by napoleon wilson
8 months ago

i think there should be some audios on phil and jim from other fakeologists, discussing the affects on the truth scene converstaions like these two chaps are having ,is the itsreal war as easy spot as fake as we see or do we have anyone believing the narratives

i welcome all of ya ,because even the controlled wackos don’t want whats planned