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1 year ago

Did Kary Mullis  used LSD like other “DNA – scientists”?

They even got a Nobel Prize for this story, because the pharmaceutical companies liked this fairy tale so much. Now all kinds of drug problems and drug treatment failures could be blamed on “genes”.

The whole DNA thing is very trivial:

1 year ago

I AGREE it’s the fucking stories that ARE told about theses fucks ,and i agree it makes sense to laud kemetchals(chemicals)after all it’s unlocking the secrets in their paradigm of reality. do you knoiw where mullis got his joker scars ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kemetism Kemetists do not consider themselves direct descendants of the ancient Egyptian religion but consistently speak of its recreation or restoration.[6][7] Some Kemetists or hermeticists claim direct continuity with secret societies allegedly continuously existing since the prohibition of Paganism by Roman emperor Theodosius I in 392 CE, or since the closing of the last functional Egyptian temple (of the goddess Isis on the island of Philae) by Emperor Justinian around 535.[8][9] These claims are historically unprovable… Read more »

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