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Apparently Josh at CTTF is promoting the Israel event with real victims, so Miles bailed from commenting there.

Another reader set up this blog for another nest fest of comments.

Miles’ comments at the end of this pdf:

Click to access isra.pdf

Josh interview

[Doc Malik] Josh Guetzkow And I Chat About The Middle East Tragedy And The mRNA Jab Bait & Switch #docMalik via @PodcastAddict

Our readable forum thread:

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8 months ago

everyone of these paper writing rambling blog truthers has failed miserably ,and miles is no different

so leaving a site because the host thinks it’s real=israel=is not what i’d do

it was easy as fuck to show the fakeologist how many of his fraud truthers legends too are full of shit ,miles stay and prove your point or even better name your next paper after me

Last edited 8 months ago by napoleon wilson